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Cafes in Mumbai

Best Insta-friendly Cafes In Mumbai For A Memorable Time 

Whether with a group of friends or exploring on your own, order a big cup of coffee and slice of cake, pull out your phone and get ready to post on all your social media!

These 14 cafes in Mumbai are perfect to uplift your IG feed (and soul)
So, next time you need your caffeine fix, be sure to check out one of these instagrammable cafes in Mumbai 🙂

International, Itineraries

4-day Itinerary For Bangkok (With Cost)

With stunning temples, floating markets, modern districts, street food, nightlife and shopping, this Thailand’s capital attracts visitors from all over the globe.
If you are planning a trip to Bangkok, this detailed 4-day itinerary for Bangkok comes in handy!

The blog post includes the latest Covid-19 rules, day-wise itinerary, mode of transport and much more.

Shall we begin?


Powerful & Positive Affirmations In 2022 (Instead of Resolutions)

A few years ago, if someone had asked me what you mean by positive affirmations, I could have only explained the “dictionary meaning” to them. However, today I have a different story to tell! 

If you were going to categorize the thoughts of being warm-hearted or critical throughout the day, which category would weigh more?

We all have constant thoughts running in the back of our minds, and our inner voice has a vital role to play. Here comes the part of using positive affirmations.