Where can you find cheap flight tickets? What are your tips for snagging the most affordable flights? These are some of the frequently asked questions as a travel consultant when I meet my clients. 

Airlines and other flight search engines often come up with several exciting cheap deals and offers for travellers. All you need to know is where and how to look.

Let’s begin. 


There are usually three types of airfare search websites you may use during your flight booking:

  1. Online Travel agencies (OTA) 
  2. Flight Aggregators 
  3. Direct Airline websites

travel agency generally has access to special pricing on some flights.

flight aggregator shows flight pricing from over the web and sends you to the airline’s website or online travel agencies for booking.

The airline website is, most of the time, the best option for booking flights. In my case, I start by using a flight aggregator and then compare the price with the direct airline. 

What do I recommend?

When you’re searching for your next flight, begin with your preferred option like Skyscanner or Kayak or Ease my Trip – then search for your desired flights, i.e., cheap flight tickets. 

Once you know the airfare, head to the airline’s website to cross-check the flight price. Sometimes, flight aggregators automatically take you to the airline website. 

If the main airline website does not offer the best price, then you may use one of the websites I mention in this blog post.

1. Skyscanner 

Skyscanner . Cheap flight booking

This is an aggregator website and does not sell tickets directly its website. This is my preferred website for my travels. I have explored all the websites mentioned herein, but I always go back to Skyscanner!

Skyscanner shows you a list of flights, and you can select the ones that suit your travel plans and budget.

This site outshines the other websites regarding flexibility given to travellers while searching the flights. For example, if you are flexible with your plans, you can select “Everywhere” to search for the cheapest destinations / cheap flight tickets for your preferred dates/places.

What do I like the most about Skyscanner?

Skyscanner compares prices from 1,200+ airlines and travel agents to find you competitive rates. The search results even show ratings for online travel agencies or airlines to help make your decision easier! 

What do I not like about Skyscanner?

Skyscanner doesn’t work the best for “last-minute flights”. They do not necessarily have the cheapest results.

That said, it doesn’t hurt to check here before moving to other websites.

2. Ease My Trip 

Ease my Trip is an Indian online travel company founded in 2008. Based out of Delhi, it is one of the growing companies in India that promises cheap flight tickets. 

Ease my Trip has a wide range of offers and promo codes. Do make use of the same. 

Ease my Trip does not charge any convenience fees and their cancellation charges are relatively low.

Browse their website here

3. Expedia 

Expedia - website for cheap flight tickets

Expedia is an online platform that people have been using since the 1990s. This American online travel is based out of Seattle.

Members can additionally earn points (via Expedia rewards) on all their bookings, which may subsequently be used to get discounts on future trips.

While searching for flights, travellers can filter for various things, such as the number of stops, luggage policies, and airlines, among others, while still sorting results by price. This lets you immediately see the cheapest option for flights that meet your other specifications.

As far as price goes, Expedia isn’t the best one as you aren’t necessarily getting a better deal booking through it, but at the same time, you aren’t paying more than you might on the airline’s website.

Browse the website here

4. Momondo 


Momondo is a subsidiary of Booking.com

It is a travel fare aggregator. Like Skyscanner, there are many remarkable filters to use when searching for a flight on Momondo. Here, you can select your preferred airline or airline alliance, flight duration, and layover duration. 

One of my most loved features about Momondo is the price trend that it shows for your selected flight. It is visually so appealing!

The site also offers a price tracker and many filtering options (on the left-hand side of the screen).

Browse the website here

5. Goibibo

This is a very popular website for ticket booking, hotels, buses and so on. 

Goibibo is one of the best websites for booking flight tickets within India. 

They usually have great deals, promo codes and discounts on their website.  

Browse here for more details 

6. Google Flights

Google flights is another search aggregator for searching cheap flights. The site uses a powerful ITA Matrix search engine, formerly developed for travel agents.

Once you find the flight, it will take you to the airline website or online travel agency to complete the purchase. 

Google Flights also shows price trends and works as a great platform if you are flexible with your travel plans.

Browse here for more details.

7. Ixigo

cheap flight tickets

Ixigo is an excellent flight booking site in India. It is an Indian AI-based online travel portal, launched in 2007 and is based out of Gurgaon.

They have great discounts for flight bookings, and their refund policies are simple. In some cases, there are full refunds on domestic flights.

It has tied up with many banks, payment gateways and others to bring out some of the best flight booking offers on domestic and international flights.

Browse here for great deals. 

Final Thoughts

Flying cheap or booking cheap flight tickets is not something utterly tricky. You can master the art quickly.

However, one must know that there is no one-stop shop to find the lowest prices on a flight every time. Ultimately, the best website for booking cheap flights is any website on this list that works best for you. 

Everything boils down to personal preference, but it doesn’t mean you’ll always get the best rates. Skyscanner, Momondo, and Google Flights consistently find the cheapest flights and routes, but booking through the airline is excellent in case of delays or cancellations.

So, do your research before paying for that ticket! 🙂

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