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How many times have you seen a random person sitting alone in a café, reading a book or enjoying a cup of coffee and you have instantly concluded that they are lonely?

Now think, how many times have you thought about being in your own company and dreaded about it?

Enjoying your own company and shutting down has its own benefits and the reasons might just surprise you.

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7 reasons why you should love your own company

Do you enjoy your own company?

Being a pilot-wife whose spouse is travelling half of the month, I get frequent questions such as – “Don’t you get bored alone”? “How do you kill time”? “How can you stay alone for so many days? It’s so boring!”

I have also been asked on my solo trips “how is going alone” fun?

I always think to myself why is it difficult for people to spend time alone? Do you not love yourself enough to enjoy your own company? But at the same time, I also understand some of us simply don’t like to be alone and well, that’s fair!

Is being alone easy?

No! Being alone is not as easy as it sounds.

Enjoying your own company is not something that can be handled by everyone. Why? Because we constantly feel the need to be around people and to stay updated. The thought of logging off can cause some amount of anxiety.

However, is it impossible to appreciate and enjoy your own company? I mean all it needs is just “YOU”!

I am not advocating that you don’t need people around you or you should be in solitude all the time. 

All I am saying is that once you start enjoying your own company and learn to be alone, you will grow as a person and there is less dependence on others.

It’s good to have people around you, but do not be afraid to be alone to enjoy your own company.

The choice of enjoying your own company

To start with, the first thing we need to understand is that being in your own company does not equate to “being alone or lonely.

“If you’re lonely when you’re alone, you’re in bad company.” ~ Jean-Paul Sartre.  

Being in your own company is a voluntary act. Enjoying your own company does not mean you are devoid of any relationships and friends.

It is simply a matter of choice – a choice to pay detailed attention to you.

Here are the 7 reasons why it is an amazing experience to enjoy your own company. 

1. It is the first step to self-love

Alone time is a key part of self-love.

Pause for a moment and think how much time do you spend each day planning? We plan our day, our children’s day, and our work schedule with ridiculous attention to detail. We do this on a day-to-day basis, which ultimately takes a toll on our physical and mental health.

A vital step to self-love and awareness is to recognize that you need time for yourself. To “be you”. Being alone with yourself is a great way to stop the daily rush.

Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, being in your own company is necessary to maintain and develop your independent identity.

Alone time is a key part of self-love.

2. It rejuvenates you

Think of you sitting alone in the room, with a mug of coffee and your favourite book (or listening to your favourite song), with quietness in the air. No phone calls, no doorbells, no interruption. It’s YOU with YOU. I would like to think of this as a golden hour!

In our daily lives, we are expanding a lot of energy to handle situations around us. It mentally drains us out and alone time lets you recharge.  

3. It gives you mental stability and satisfaction 

It is great to be in the company of others but you can’t (and shouldn’t) depend on others to make you feel better.

The ability to enjoy your own company is related to happiness and personal satisfaction. You’ll start admiring yourself because you are truly happy in your own skin.

If practised, solitude calms your mind and provides the perfect environment for reflection.

The ability to enjoy your own company is related to happiness and personal satisfaction.

4. It is linked to creativity and productivity

When you are in your own company, you allow your thoughts to wander and it’s a good thing.

You unlock your new creative ways to live life to the fullest and achieve your goals.

There’s a reason behind why a lot of authors or artists want to go to a cabin in the mountains to work. It unleashes your brain to wander.  

5. It silences your noisy mind

Our minds are in a constant state of chatter. We need to silence our minds to stop feeling it like a jungle. 

Separation from others allows you to get rid of the toxins and is a brain detox.

Being in your own company will free your mind.  

6. You’ll stop looking for validation

Isn’t this the best feeling in the world? We constantly look at others for the suggestions before we take actions. Ofcourse, there are times when taking advice from people is necessary but there are also times when we are perfectly capable of taking our own decisions.

Being in your own company gives you that comfort to start trusting your instincts and make decisions without validation.

It is a great feeling to breathe, to gather your thoughts and realign yourself in your own company.

7. You’ll feel more independent 

Once you enjoy your own company, you’ll feel more confident in your ability to be alone. You’ll no longer feel the anxiety or apprehensions about being with yourself.

The constant need for interactions with people will lessen the moment you accept yourself and your own company. That would naturally lead to feeling more independent.


Enjoying your company may be hard to achieve and sometimes, intimidating. However, once you learn to enjoy your own company, trust me, there is nothing more empowering and freeing.

It is a great feeling to breathe, to gather your thoughts and realign yourself in your own company. You’ll see your confidence and self-esteem grow.

If you embrace your solace, your space, you embrace your good qualities and flaws and no matter what, you’ll always know yourself and love yourself. Now, isn’t that something that we all need?

“If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone” – Maxwell Watz


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