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We all love to travel but the real concern is travelling on a budget. I have been asked a million times as to “how do you manage to travel so much”?  I have answered these questions many a times be it on Instagram or over the emails! First things first, we do not have to be rich to travel; all we need to do is to travel smartly!

In this blog, we will show you how to travel on a budget and how to play your cards right. Let us travel wisely without emptying our pockets by utilizing these money saving tips.

How to travel on a budget: Money saving tips

How much will I need?

Consider the biggest and common expenses first when you are planning a trip. Usually, the common travel expenses include air fare, accommodation, mode of transport, meals, tips, use of communication devices.

Once you have rough idea of how many days you need, you can work on daily costs of accommodation, meals and likewise.

In this blog, we will show you how to travel on a budget. Ready to kick-start your budget travels? Let’s begin.

How to travel on a budget: Money saving tips

1. Booking the tickets


The price of the flights can be considerably cheap, depending upon the season, day or time when you travel.

Read our guide on How to book cheap air tickets and save money!

2. Accommodation

Alawyersvoyage How to travel on budget- blog

Travel overnight to save some money on accommodation

Taking night trains or flights will save the cost of a hotel. Overnight travel makes sense because it not only saves money but time as well.

Don’t spend hefty amounts on accommodations

Bed & Breakfast offers great warmth and is half the hotels rates. Furthermore, if you are in India, and up for some unconventional way to spend a night, there are Ashrams, Dharamshalas (religious rest-house) wherein one can stay either free or at a very low cost. For example, if you are looking for a spiritual holiday, Ashrams in Rishikesh and Haridwar, offer free (short) stays, hostels such as The Hosteller, Manali, offers rooms as low as starting from INR 350.

Pro tip: If you are staying in a hotel, ask yourself do you need breakfast? Eating breakfast in a hotel is convenient but most of the times pricey.

3. Mode of Transport


Rail pass/Bus pass options

If you are using public transport as a mode of transport, keep your eyes open for big discounts. If you are out for some short trips and going to use public transport frequently, taking the pass helps! Make most of the public transports. For example, My Swiss Alps, offer train travel discounts for children, senior citizens, early birds and likewise.

Self-drives/ rental cars

We love self-drives! However, one has to take self-drive trips smartly. Pick up your rental car at non-airport branch, check with your rental agency for discounts, do not pay extra for GPS, instead, simply use your smartphone for directions.

Pro tip: Pick up your rental car only if you are travelling from one city to another or likewise. Driving within the city is not worth it.

4. Food & Water

Buy food from supermarkets and enjoy local street food or carry food

Three meals in a hotel will hurt your pocket. Buying food from local market or enjoying the local cuisine will not only introduce you to the culture of a particular place but also save some money. For example, in India, delicious local delicacies are available at Homestays or dhabas, which are easy on the pockets as well.

Make lunch your biggest meal

Budget travellers prefer making their mid-day meals as their main meal. Do your research well. In many restaurants, lunches are cheaper than dinner, so increasing the size of your lunch and reducing dinner to a snack-size, fits well into the financial strategy.

Have a special Lunch

There are so many restaurants in Europe that offer special lunches at a lesser price. Enjoy your extra food within your budget. In India, keep your eyes open for set meals/ Thalis at a good rate. The cost would vary depending upon the restaurant and location, but we have had our best thali at Udaipur, for only INR 200!

Carry some food/snacks

I have no shame to admit that I always carry ready-to-eat food packets during my travels. We stay in self-catering apartments and we do not mind to cook these ready-to-eat meals. It really helps when you are short of food options; or when you are a pure vegetarian (like I am!) or when the food is pricey! Having three meals outside everyday is definitely an expensive affair.

Also, ensure that you carry snacks/water during outings. Depending upon the country, tap waters are safe to drink. I hate to spend on bottled water! For example, cost of 1 litre water bottle in Paris is 0.65€!

Avoid eating food close to tourist attractions

In some cities, eating food few blocks away from the main tourist attractions will save half of your money. Try it.

5. Attractions

Take a free walking tour

There are so many walking tours that are for free and do not require any pre-registrations. It is the best way to explore any place.

Free Museum tours 

Read about the attractions you plan to visit beforehand. There are so many museums and similar attractions that are free of cost on all days or free to visit on a particular day. For example, entry in Louvre Museum, Paris, is free on Friday nights.

Dig around for deals

Local fliers and maps often carry discount coupons for activities and attractions. Collect those at the airports or tourist centres. Check for free (promotional) SIM card at the Airport kiosks. Check GroupOn to find discounts or deals.

6. General Tips

travel on  budget


1. Travel during low or shoulder season.

2. Go slow travel. Do not travel to only tick off popular countries. Instead, spend time in exploring an unconventional place with off beat experiences.

3. Choose your destinations wisely. Visit budget friendly countries or visa free countries.

4. Buy Souvenirs but do it smartly. I pick up souvenirs from every country that I visit to. Head to local flea markets rather than popular market spots to buy your souvenirs.

5. Set a budget and try to stick to it. We all have a budget in mind when we travel. While we should be flexible enough to tweak our budget during our travel, it is very important to know when to splurge and when to save! Its great to look for ways to save money on the trip, we all do, but make sure you do not over do it!

Have a great budget trip guys! 🙂 

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