Kenyan Safari is one of the world’s top safari destinations with a series of interesting scenery to behold. 

Don’t we all yearn for a break from the usual? 

Do you seek to experience nature in its purest form? Do you feel the thrill of getting up close with some of the most spectacular animals in an adventure of a lifetime?

If your answer to the above is “yes”, then a Kenyan safari should definitely be a part of your travel bucket list. 

From the thrill of tracking leopards and watching grumpy Cape buffalo seeing off the pride of lions to merely gazing upon the herds of bathing elephants, there’s nothing like a Kenyan safari. 

Here are ten reasons why you should definitely experience the Kenyan safari during your lifetime.

1. One of the world’s most authentic safari destinations

kenyan safari 

Blessed with an abundance of flora and fauna, home to the world’s famous predators, the freshness you inhale through the vast woods and grasslands gives you an authentic feel.  

The Kenyan safari allows you to get up close and personal with the wildlife and view them in their natural habitat.

Since the animals are in their own habitat, it is a unique experience to view and learn their behaviour and marvel at their beauty and power without the confines of cages and artificial zoos.

Moreover, the tour guides in the safaris offer deep insights and share with you the vast knowledge they possess about the animals as well as the cultural landscape of the country. 

2. Kenya Is A Big Five Safari Destination 


If you want to see the Big Five, the Kenyan safari is the place to go! 

Big Five is often the highlight of a trip to Africa. 

The term ‘Big 5’ was initially coined in the 19th Century by big game hunters who listed the African elephant, Cape buffalo, African lion, leopard and rhinoceros as the five most dangerous creatures in Africa. 

Fortunately, today, the Big 5 are now protected in national parks and private game reserves.

3. See the Great Migration 

Kenya safari

If there is a safari that you should consider this season, then it’s the Great Migration. 

The Great Migration is the biggest herd movement of animals on earth. The numbers will leave you in awe! 

Over 1.2 million wildebeest and 200,000+ zebra, along with topi and other African antelopes, move in a constant cycle through the Serengeti- Mara ecosystem.

The herds travel 800 kilometres clockwise in a circle, searching for grass and water.

It is the most scenic and breath-taking experience encompassing the largest movement of over a million wild beasts between Masai Mara National Reserve and Serengeti National Park and back.


4. Bird Watching At The Great Lakes of the Rift Valley 


The Great Rift valley is another delightful Kenyan attraction, boasting beautiful lakes, mountains and plains.

The region is a birdwatcher’s heaven, as it attracts several species to its sparkling lake shores. You’ll see vast flocks of flamingos that happily wade near hippos and other game species.

Three amazing bodies of water, Lake Nakuru (renowned for its pelican colony), Lake Elementaita and Lake Naivasha (Rift Valley lakes- highest), are the most well-known.

5. Wild Safaris And The Beautiful Beaches 

After your game safaris, enjoy a hot air balloon in the evening across the savannah plains or spend time gazing across the white sand and sharp blue waters of the Indian Ocean. 

Kenya boasts several incredible beaches, from Diani beach, Mombasa to Lamu to Gazi beach. Unwind at these stunning beaches after your Kenyan safari. 

6. Fascinating Culture 

Kenya Masai Tribe

Kenya has a rich cultural tradition. The local community have not only retained their cultural identity but is happy to share their culture with the traveller. 

The graceful Masai, with their red blankets and beautiful cattle, will not only welcome you into their homes but will be happy to showcase their traditional Masai Dance.  

Read here to learn more about Masai Villages. 

7. Unique Stays and Incredible Food


The Kenyan safaris ensure the best stay options with picturesque locations right in the heart of the action. 

For unique Kenya stays, these are the ten best options to explore. 


The cuisine of Kenya is a delicious combination of general East African cooking styles with Indian, Portuguese, Arab, and Native American influences, as well as more unique Kenyan flavours.

The food served is of various cuisines catering to meat lovers.

For vegetarians, despite the cuisine not being predominantly vegan/vegetarian, many dishes are traditionally vegan. As Kenya has a plethora of fresh beans, grains, spices and vegetables, vegetarian dishes can be made using these ingredients. 

8. Kenyan Safari Is a Great Learning Experience For Kids 

Education doesn’t always have to happen in a classroom. When kids are allowed to experience wildlife, nature, and culture, that experience and excitement stay with them forever.

This kind of experience empowers kids to have respect and compassion toward animals. The kids experience nature and understand cultural differences. This learning goes a long way.

9. Photographer’s Heaven


Shooting fantastic landscapes, portraits, macro and wildlife photographs is an art form. If you appreciate all photography styles, there’s no better place to be than Kenya in east Africa!

These Kenyan safaris give you the best photographic opportunities, incomparable to any other. 

The scenery and incredible wildlife will make for some fascinating memories and photographs which will last a lifetime. 

Trust me!


10. Support local people and conservation efforts 

kenyan safari

Last but not least, Kenyan safari tourism goes a long way in supporting the local people and also helping them sustain their livelihood. 

Moreover, there are several projects to help and protect wildlife. For instance, Nairobi has an elephant orphanage and a centre dedicated to giraffes; in Mara, there are multiple projects to help out the local community, and likewise. 

With so much destruction going all over the world, it feels great to help and support in some way.  

Some Popular Kenyan Safaris That You Should Consider

1. Serengeti National Park

2. The Masai Mara National Reserve

3. Amboseli National Park

4. Lake Nakuru National Park.

If you wish to know more about the best safari tours, visit here

Visa Requirements 

A visa is required before entry into The Republic of Kenya.

For Indian passport holders, you’ll need a Kenyan visa, but the process is simple. 

Thankfully, you do not have to visit the Kenyan embassy, and you can apply for a visa from the comfort of your home! Click here to know more about the visa requirements.

For US citizens, click here for more details on the requirements of a Kenyan visa.  

How Many Days Required in Kenya? 

You should spend a minimum of four days on the Kenyan safari. 

There are many Kenyan safari packages with a wide range of budgets and experiences. This website will help you understand the varied options. 

Best Time to Visit Kenyan Safari 

Dry Season: The best time to visit Kenya is during the Dry Season – June to October. These are the best wildlife viewing months.

The wildebeest migration: Normally reaches the Masai Mara in August and remains until October when they move back to the Serengeti in Tanzania. 

A Kenyan safari is an ultimate way to experience the real thrill of the diverse wildlife of Africa. 

There’s a reason they call Kenya the World Wildlife Capital of the world. 

So, have I convinced you enough to go for a Kenyan safari? 

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