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Kid-friendly Festivals Across The World

One of the best ways to introduce your kids to new a country is by introducing them to some fabulous fiestas. From fests to  art to activities, make warm memories at these Kid-friendly festivals. Happy kids = happy parents!

1. Holi – Hampi, India

Alawyersvoyage Holi in India

Holi is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India. We would strongly recommend visiting Hampi, Karnataka to celebrate Holi. Celebrate the festival of colors, dance on streets and eat scrumptious food in this historic city of South India. A day of enjoyment, everyone is encouraged to let loose and have a great time.

When: 20 and 21 March 2019.

Where: Karnataka, India.

Nearest Airport: Bellary (60 kms from Hampi).

2. Blossom Festival, Japan

alawyersvoyage cherry blossom Japan

Welcome to Japan’s (pink) world of cherry blossoms. When the blooms actually arrive, it is the time to indulge in relishing these sights. Japan’s deep-rooted attachment to cherry blossoms is deeply symbolic. It symbolizes a new beginning and has cultural and philosophical beliefs.  Take a leisure walk beneath the cherry blossom shade with your kids. There are swan boat rides in Shinobazu pond, a popular attraction amongst the kids.

When: 22 March – 8 April 2019  (highly dependent on weather).

Where: Japan.

Best Spots in Japan: Tokyo, Hakodate, Kanazawa, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka.

3. Easter Festival and Parade, USA

 alawyersvoyage Easter parade New Orleans

New Orleans celebrates Easter in a big way! After the completion of 40-day Lent fasting, New Orleans throws three big parades! French Quarter Easter Parade , famous for its convertible cars; Chris Owens French Quarter Easter Parade for its singing, dancing performances and Gay Easter Parade  family-friendly affair with elaborate costumes, soft toys and crazy music.

When:21 April 2019.

Where: New Orleans, USA.

4. Camp Bestival, United Kingdom

Alawyersvoyage Camp Bestival UK

Image Credit-Country & Town House

This is a family-friendly festival packed with fun for kids of all ages. There is so much for the kids to do at the festival, for instance, Children’s act, art town, circus area, garden, kids’ discos and incredible fireworks. Visit website for detailed information.

When: 25 July 2019 – 28 July 2019.

Where: Lulworth Castle, United Kingdom.

5. Just So Festival, United Kingdom

alawyersvoyage Just so Fun festival UK

Image credit- Just So Festival

This award winning festival is an annual, weekend-long festival of creativity aimed at children and their families. So is there anything unique about this fest? Yes! this festival is all about kids with jam-packed events. There are kid discos, bands, tons of activities, for example, lantern making, pillow fights, performances, camping. Everyone gets dressed up, showcase their talents in the form of music, literature and art. Visit website.

When:16- 18 August 2019.

Where: Cheshire, United Kingdom.

6. Pushkar Camel Fair, India

alawyersvoyage Pushkar camel Fair India

For more grownup children, the Pushkar Camel Fair offers an incredible and vibrant exhibition. The fair is celebrated in a strikingly beautiful way. The camels are decorated and exhibited, made to contest beauty pageants and even dance. To amuse the crowd, there is music, dance performances and magic shows! Kids can enjoy camel safari on vast Indian desert of Sahara, hop on to a hot air balloon, experience horse safari and visit Pushkar Mela.

When: 4 November 2019 – 12 November 2019.

Where: Pushkar, Rajasthan, India.

Nearest Airport: Jaipur (150 kms from Pushkar).

7. Winter wonderland, England

alawyersvoyage winterland London

This free-to-enter family event is Europe’s biggest highlights for children. More importantly, it hosts oodles of activities including ice-skating, circus shows and huge Christmas market. Likewise, kids can also enjoy roller coasters rides, create their own ice sculptures, skate to live music, discover mythical creatures of the magical Ice Kingdom. An evening full of events is guaranteed for kids.  Visit website.

When: Late November 2019 – Early January 2020.

Where: Hyde Park, London.

8. International Kite Flying festival, Ahmadabad, India

India International Kite Festival

Image Credit- Ajit Solanki

One of the major festivities of Ahmadabad is the international kite festival. This festival is celebrated every year on the 14 January. The festival spreads an aura of happiness, colors and some traditional sweets. More certainly, at this festival, kids can design their own kites, enjoy at fairs, be a spectator to kite competitions and rejoice the festival! Visit website.

When: 14 January 2020

Where: Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India.

Nearest Airport: Ahmadabad.

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