Indulge in a romantic and breathtaking experience with your loved one by exploring the best candlelight dinner spots in Mumbai. Experience the magic of flickering candlelight, soft music, and an enchanting ambience that will set the perfect mood for a memorable evening.

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or simply want to spend time with loved ones, these dining destinations in Mumbai have got you covered.

Explore these enchanting dining experiences and let the magic of candlelight dinners in Mumbai fire up your love.

Why Choose Mumbai for a Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Mumbai, often referred to as the “City of Dreams,” is known for its vibrant energy and bustling streets. However, amidst the chaos, this city also offers a plethora of Cafes, romantic spots that are perfect for a candlelight dinner. One of the main reasons to choose Mumbai for a romantic evening is the breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea. The city is blessed with stunning waterfronts and rooftop restaurants that provide an ideal setting for a candlelit dinner with your partner.

Another reason to choose Mumbai is its diverse culinary scene. From traditional Indian delicacies to international cuisines, the city has it all. The combination of delicious cuisine and a charming atmosphere creates an unforgettable dining experience.

The Taj Mahal Palace

This hotel is situated in the heart of Mumbai. The Taj Mahal Palace is an iconic hotel that offers a truly magical dining experience.

With its stunning architecture, luxurious interiors, and breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea, this venue exudes elegance and romance. The hotel has a variety of dining options, including the well-known Sea Lounge and the cosy rooftop restaurant Souk.

Enjoy a candlelight dinner while overlooking the beautiful Mumbai skyline and indulge in a culinary journey like no other.

Location: Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001. Phone: 022 6665 3366.

The Dome, InterContinental

Perched on the 8th floor of the InterContinental Hotel, The Dome offers breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea and the city skyline. This rooftop restaurant is renowned for its romantic ambience, featuring dim lighting and cosy seating arrangements.

Their menu showcases a blend of international and Indian cuisines, along with a wide selection of wines and cocktails. Whether you choose to dine under the stars or in the elegant indoor seating area, The Dome promises a romantic and unforgettable experience.

Location: InterContinental, 135, Marine Dr, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020. Phone:  022 6639 9999.

SKKY, Ramada

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Experience romance at SKKY, Ramada Powai’s signature rooftop restaurant and bar, renowned for offering one of the best candlelight dinners in Mumbai. Savour exquisite Pan Asian cuisine, gourmet pizza, and Middle Eastern delicacies. The lush greenery and flowing waters create the perfect setting for an unforgettable evening.

Location: Ramada Hotel, Saki Vihar Rd, Murarji Nagar, Mayur Nagar, Passpoli, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400087. Phone: 088980 57213.

Koyla Ehtnic

Experience romance like never before at Koyla Ethnic, one of Mumbai’s most enchanting spots for a candlelight dinner.

Nestled amidst a quintessentially rustic ambience, “Koyla Ethnic embodies traditional charm and modern elegance”. As you step in, the tantalising aroma of tandoori delicacies welcomes you, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

The soft glow of candlelight illuminates the rustic decor, creating an intimate atmosphere perfect for couples. The soothing sound of water fountains and the gentle breeze from the nearby sea add to the serene environment, making every moment magical.

Indulge in the rich flavours of expertly crafted hookahs, which complement the exquisite culinary offerings.

Location: Kamal Mansion, 3/23, Azmi Road, next to Radio Club Building, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005. Phone: 022 6636 9999.

Marina Bay Upper-deck Café

The restaurant is a charming rooftop spot located near the Gateway of India, just a short distance from the Taj Hotel.

This historic building houses The Marina Upper Deck, a delightful rooftop café offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the Arabian Sea and serving delicious food.

You can start with a variety of dishes, including paneer tikka, galouti kebabs, tandoori chicken, calamari fish, garlic bread, Bombay masala french fries, and more. They also offer a range of continental and Asian dishes. 

Location: Sea Palace Hotel, 26, PJ Ramchandani Marg, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001. Phone: 022 6112 8000.

1. Dining on a Private Yacht

Take your romantic evening to the next level by dining on a private yacht in Mumbai. As you sail under the starry night sky, the gentle breeze and the soothing sound of the waves will create a truly magical atmosphere.

This unique experience is perfect for couples looking to celebrate a special milestone or create unforgettable memories. You can check the details here

2. Take a boat ride and dine at Boardwalk By Flamboyante

After an hour-long ferry ride to Boardwalk By Flamboyante on Mandwa Jetty, you can treat yourselves to a delicious meal away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai. If you’re in the mood for something special, you can also opt for a 20-minute speedboat ride. 

The nautical-style restaurant offers a wide range of dishes, including bar bites like crispy okra and steamed edamame, as well as sushi, dim sum, curries, pizza, and more.

3. Attend Salsa or Bachata Workshop

In the vibrant streets of Mumbai, where every corner is adorned with the rhythm of life, immerse yourself in the passionate embrace of Latin dance.

Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a complete beginner, attending Salsa or Bachata classes is not only a fun activity but also helps connect with your partner. 

1. Make a reservation in Advance

To avoid any last-minute disappointments, make a reservation at least a few weeks in advance. Popular restaurants and venues book up quickly, especially during weekends and special occasions.

Planning ahead will ensure that you secure a table at your preferred venue and have a smooth dining experience.

2. Disconnect from technology

To fully immerse yourself in the romantic experience, consider disconnecting from technology for the duration of the evening.

Put away your phones and other devices to ensure that you are fully present and able to enjoy each other’s company without distractions.

3. Be in the Present and Appreciate the Special Moment

Embrace mindfulness to enhance your experiences. By immersing yourself fully in the present moment, you’ll find joy in the little details and create lasting memories that resonate deeply.

To conclude, Mumbai offers a wide range of options for couples looking to indulge in a romantic candlelight dinner or experience. So, why wait? Plan a romantic candlelight dinner in Mumbai and let the magic unfold.

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