A few places in the world are on every traveller’s wish list and Switzerland is one of them! Romanticized in movies, books and shows, Switzerland has indeed gained every traveller’s attention. And when we mention countryside places in the world, we cannot fail to mention Switzerland villages. 

Switzerland is home to some of the prettiest villages and small towns. While we all know about beautiful places like Lucerne, Interlaken and Zermatt, there’s more than Switzerland offers to its visitors. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful Switzerland Villages.


Switzerland villages

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Andermatt is a village in the Ursern Valley in the Swiss Alps.

The perfect location of this gorgeous village makes this an ideal place. It is located right in the spot where eight mountain passes join. 

This tiny village can be seen on foot but is large enough to keep you interested. 

Andermatt has all the charm that you’d expect from a Swiss village.  

How to reach Andermatt

Andermatt can be easily reached by coach, car or train.

The Matterhorn Gotthard Railway runs between Andermatt, Sedrun and Disentis.

The trains from Lucerne, Basel, Zurich, Locarno or Zug stop every hour in Goschenen. From here, you’ll get a direct connection to the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn, which takes you to Andermatt in 10 minutes. 

You can find relevant timetables on the SBB website.

If you are coming from Zurich – It takes a little less than 2 hours by train and 3 hours by car. Also, Zurich airport is the closest. 

If you are coming from Interlaken – It is 90 km by road. It takes about 1.5 hours to reach. 

Things to Do

A wide range of outdoor activities awaits you throughout the year in Andermatt.

In the winter months, Andermatt is extremely popular for skiing. 

Andermatt is ideal for hiking, climbing, and mountain biking during summer. This village is a real treat for photographers and nature lovers. 



This village does not need any introduction! The scenic Switzerland village is known for its cascading waterfalls. 

Although Lauterbrunnen has become touristy over the years, it is still truly remarkable with its natural beauty and activities. 

Switzerland village Lauterbrunnen

How To reach Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen can be reached by car and train.

By train: It takes about 20 minutes by train from Interlaken OST. The train makes two stops at Wilderswil and Zweilütschinen before ultimately arriving in Lauterbrunnen.

By car: It takes about 15 minutes. The road does not have tolls, so you should be good even if you don’t have a vignette.

Things to do/see

Visit Staubbach Falls or Trümmelbach Falls, Go paragliding, and Stroll around the village. There are great hiking trails that will take you through the beautiful Swiss landscapes.  

While you are here, and if time permits, you can take a cable car from Stechelberg Village to Schilthorn mountain while admiring the views of the Bernese Alps!


This mountain village is located in the Bernese Oberland of central Switzerland. Wengen sits at 1200m above sea level and overlooks Lauterbrunnen valley. Wengen

This picturesque car-free alpine village is surrounded by pastures and forests and has a lot of hiking trails. 

Wengen is one of the perfect Switzerland villages that are car-free and is surrounded by mountains, green meadows and forest. So, if you seek peace in the mountains, this is the place to go.

How to reach Wengen

This cute little village is accessible only by cogwheel train from Lauterbrunnen.

It takes 20 minutes to reach Wengen by train and costs CHF 6.80 for a one-way ticket, or you can hike up for free! 

Pro Tips: You can make a day trip to this pretty village when visiting Jungfraujoch. Also, please note that this Switzerland village does not have prominent shopping places or fast food places so carry some picnics.

Things to do/see

Hiking: After April, Wengen sits amongst ideal hiking towns, overlooked by Jungfraujoch.

You’ll be fascinated by the beauty this place has to offer. The hiking trail from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen is beautiful. The said hike is medium intense, an upward trail, and takes 2-3 hours.

Rafting: On the Lütschine River in the valley below Wengen, you will find exciting white-water rafting. 

If you stay in Wengen, you can do mountain excursions such as Jungfraujoch, Kleine Scheidegg and Schilthorn. Moreover, you can also opt for city excursions like Bern. 


switzerland village

The farming village of Switzerland, Grindelwald, has an appeal of its own. 

Settled beneath Eiger’s north face, Grindelwald is one of the spectacular Switzerland villages. Surrounded by numerous mountains, you need to visit this Switzerland village to believe its beauty.  

You won’t take long to take a tour of this tiny village! 

How to reach Grindelwald 

Grindelwald can be reached by train or by car. 

There are rail connections from Interlaken OST to Grindelwald. If you are coming from Zurich or Geneva, you have to change trains in Bern. Once in Interlaken, change train to Bernese Oberland Railway to Grindelwald. 

Interlaken is about 20 km (30 minutes’ drive) by car.

Things to do/see  

There are numerous activities hiking, trekking, skiing and mountain biking. Do not miss the flying fox ride. 

You can hike around Grindelwald to Lake Bachalpsee to witness breathtaking views around. The trail is about 10km one way.

Alternatively, take the cable car to First and then the hike from First to Bachalpsee. It is about 3km one way, and you will need to hike back, so 6km in total.

Moreover, do not forget to explore this beautiful Switzerland village in the evening, when it gets all lit up with the backdrop of the massive Alps. 


If heaven isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, send me back to Gimmelwald.” ~ Rick Steves. 

Gimmelwald is a scenic mountain village located in the Bernese Highlands region of Switzerland. It’s a perfect place to visit for Alp-holics because of the incredible views it has to offer!

 Apart from its picturesque beauty, the travellers are drawn by this Switzerland village’s peaceful and laid back setting.

How to reach Gimmelwald

Often confused with Grindelwald, Gimmewald is among the most beautiful villages in Switzerland.

Gimmelwald is situated at the far end of Lauterbrunnen Valley. This sleepy village has more cow troughs than letterboxes. 

Gimmelwald is a car-free village, and there are only two ways to reach this tiny hamlet. One is by taking a cable car, and the other way is by hiking through the valley.

You have to reach the Stechelberg cable car station by your car or public transport. It takes about 5 minutes to get to the village in the cable car. 

If you are coming from Interlaken, it takes 30 minutes to reach the Stechelberg cable car station. You park your car in the big parking lot and then take the cable car up to Gimmelwald. 

Should you be travelling by train, you board the Lauterbrunnen-bound train from Interlaken Ost and get off at Lauterbrunnen.

At Lauterbrunnen, cross the street through the underground connection and board the yellow Post bus heading to Stechelberg cable car station. From here, ride the Schilthorn cable car up one station to Gimmelwald.

If you wish to hike, then start from Murren to Gimmelwald. It is simple and straightforward and offers spectacular mountain and valley views throughout. The trail is about 2.1 km. 

Things to do/see  

Gimmelwald isn’t a place you go for non-stop action or world-class restaurants. Instead, it’s a place where you can experience the quieter side of the Swiss Alps. 

When in Gimmelwald, take advantage of having a relaxing time. Read a book, spend time having conversations, sip local wine while indulging in some Swiss cheese or chocolate or simply appreciate the white-capped peaks while breathing in the fresh mountain air.

If you want to indulge in an activity, there are easy hikes for beginners and families looking for something more leisurely than heart-pounding. 


Switzerland villages

Appenzell closely reflects what you might perceive as the essence of the most traditional Switzerland: cheese, thousands of cows, cowbells, and colourful houses.

Set on the rolling green meadows, this small car-free Switzerland village houses just about 6000 residents.

How to reach Appenzell

Board a slow local train from Zurich without transferring; you’ll reach Appenzell in about 2 hours. 

A faster way is to take an express train from Zurich to Gossau, a satellite village of St. Gallen, and transfer to the local train. Trip time from St. Gallen or Gossau to Appenzell is about 45 minutes. For more details about the train. Click here

By car, Appenzell is about 1.5 hour drive from Zurich. 

Things to do/see

Visit Appenzell Museum and St Mauritius Church, stroll around this tiny village, and hike. Enjoy the strolls on the old-fashioned street. 

The most important is the awe-inspiring views of Appenzell at “Aescher Guesthouse (or Berggasthaus Aescher)”. 

This beautiful guesthouse greets hikers from May to November. Even if you’re not hiking or staying here, you can visit this place and sit at one of the outdoor tables as you gaze out at Appenzell’s lush mountains. 

This Switzerland village is worth a stop if you are based in St Gallen.



switzerland villages

A picturesque village with impressive monasteries, castle ruins and lush green fields, Spiez is a beautiful town on the shore of Lake Thun.

Many visitors choose to visit the castle and cruise on Lake Thun simultaneously.

How to reach Spiez

By car, Zurich is 158 km away, and it takes 2 hours to reach. The train takes about 1hour and 30 minutes. 

Lucerne is 88 km away, and it takes 1.2 hours to reach. From Interlaken, it takes about 20 minutes, and the distance is about 17 km.

There are plenty of train options to reach Spiez. 

Click Rail Europe for exact details 

Things to do/see

If you like visiting cultural and historical places, visit Spiez Castle/Museum, consisting of royal rooms and courtrooms. You can also enjoy the manicured park and the Early Romanesque Castle Church on its grounds. 

Explore Lake Thun as it is a perfect blend for nature and adventure enthusiasts. You can also indulge in canoeing activities and boating at Lake Thun.

Explore the old city of Thun and Spiez vineyard

Stein am Rhein

Stein Am Rhein Switzerland village

A small, enchanting town bordering the river Rhine, Stein am Rhein is famous for its exquisitely painted medieval buildings. With little more than 3,000 inhabitants, Stein am Rhein may well be a small village, but hands down, it is one of the most beautiful Switzerland villages.

Stein am Rhein is located in the northernmost area of Switzerland, at the border with Germany; you can visit Stein am Rhein on a day trip from Zurich.

Stein am Rhein is close to beautiful lakes – Lake Zurich and Lake Constance. 

How to reach Stein am Rhein

By car, it takes less than an hour to reach Stein am Rhein from Zurich (55 km). The train ride takes 1 hour 30min.

From October to April, you can cruise on the Rhine from Schaffhausen to Stein am Rhein.

Things to do/see

The Rathausplatz (the city hall square) and its mesmerizing painted houses are a must-see if you’re only quickly passing by.

The Hohenklingen Castle (Stein am Rhein) castle is perched on a hill partially covered with vineyards and protectively overlooking the river Rhine. 

George’s Abbey’s white facade, with the crow-stepped gables reflecting in the Rhine’s turquoise blue water, is charming.

Stroll on the Rhine Riverbank, listening to the water’s soothing murmur and watching the swans gliding on the water. You can also enjoy a boat tour here!  



switzerland towns

Considered one of the loveliest Switzerland villages, Gruyères is surrounded by picture-perfect scenery. 

Overlooking the verdant valley and surrounded by the alps, Gruyères is idyllic and, without a doubt, flawless. Strolling along this Switzerland village is like walking in a fairytale town. 

The neat and well-kept houses are charming. The flowers decorating the balconies look like sprinkles of colours on a canvas. 

Gruyères is small, but you can easily spend an entire day strolling around, visiting the castle, and hiking in the surroundings.

How to reach Gruyères

Gruyères is one of the prettiest day trips from Geneva. You can also easily visit Gruyères from Lausanne, Montreux, and Bern. 

Pro Tip: Zurich, Lucerne, and Interlaken are farther away, but in Summer, if you leave early, it’s totally doable. 

Things to do/see

Visit Gruyères castle, stroll in the old picturesque town, visit Giger Museum.

Don’t miss to taste the delicious cheese and fondue. There are easy trails in Gruyères. Visit the tourism office to get more details and a map of the tracks.


The best time to visit Switzerland is between April to October

During these months, the weather is pleasant and slightly warm. The spring months of March to May bring out a lot of colours and alpine bloom.

If you are a winter enthusiast, you may prefer December to March.  

Would you love to visit the countryside of Switzerland? 🙂


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