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Self-quarantine was never on our bucket list, right? Nevertheless, now that it’s here, we bring you the list of 12 fun things to do to keep boredom at bay! After all, staying home isn’t bad if you have fun things to do! Instead of focusing on the things we can’t do during this pandemic, let’s try these super fun things during the quarantine!

Go sightseeing around the world with these virtual tours

Google Arts and Culture teamed up with around 2500 museums and galleries around the world to bring virtual tours for everyone. Check these stunning museums and take a virtual Tour.

alawyersvoyage The Louvre

Play some brain games 

Brain games during quarantine

Keep your mind active and responsive! There are plenty of fun brain-games to keep your mind sharp during this quarantine. Checkout “Elevate. Elevate was selected by Apple as App of the year! With 35+ games, this app is made to boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence. The other popular app is “Luminosity”. This app is developed by a neuroscientist with over 60+ games to boost cognition and memory. Both these apps are available on Android and Apple. 

Listen to a podcast 

alawyersvoyage podcast quarantine period

A podcast is a radio show on the Internet. Podcast – audio programs that you can listen to through your phone, is one of the best ways to keep yourself informed and motivated. With topics ranging from history to philosophy, from current affairs to comedy, you will be amazed at how time flies listening to these podcasts.

For iPhone users, a Podcast app comes by default. Android users can listen to podcasts using Google play Music. Moreover, there are many third-party apps, which can be downloaded. Just Google search them and listen to the topic that interests you the most!  

Take online classes 

alawyersvoyage online course quarantine

Maybe you’ve been waiting to learn a new language, or learn baking or photography! Trust me, now is the time! Check some of these FREE online classes:

Learn a new language:

Pick a language of your choice with varied options. Check Coursera . The course will tell you the number of hours you need to put in, the skills you gain and, much more. 

Learn Photoshop

Visual content dominates most of the industries and we don’t need to explain the importance of having great pictures. There’s no harm in learning some Photoshop basics and unleash the whole new world of creativity. The course is for beginners which helps to learn the basics. Check Udemy.

Learn Smartphone Photography

These days, we all have smartphones with us. Believe it or not, you will be amazed to know how a smartphone can take gorgeous pictures; we just need to know how! Check Udemy

Google Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing plays a vital role in today’s business world. Knowing the basics will benefit you. How? You can market your blog/website/ channel in a better way. This course comes with a certification and being a certified digital marketer earns you brownie points!  Check Google Course.

Looking for some more options? Check SkillShare to discover more. It has everything under the sun!

Read books 

alawyersvoyage read book quarantine

There are plenty of travel books to give your mind a little bit of wanderlust feel while you are at home. You can’t venture out presently but you can always enjoy the feeling of travelling. Check Bibliomania for free online books.  

Binge watch the TV shows and movies

alawyersvoyage bingewatch quarantine

This is the time and chance to binge, binge and binge on some TV shows and movies! These are some of our personal favourites:

Tiger King (Netflix)

Money Heist (Netflix)

Breaking Bad (Netflix)

Fauda (Netflix)

Sex Education (Netflix)

The Outlander (Netflix)

The Vikings (Netflix)

The Spy (Netflix)

Family Man (Amazon prime)

Panchayat (Amazon prime)

The Girl in the City (Amazon prime)

Made in Heaven (Amazon Prime)

Breathe (Amazon prime).

Host a Netflix Viewing Party

alawyersvoyage netflix party quarantine

Image Credit: Daily Express

If you and your friends or family have Netflix subscription, you can schedule a time to watch a movie or show synced together. A free Google Chrome Extension called “Netflix Party” syncs video playbacks so you can watch it together. The best part is that it offers a group chat feature so you can keep the conversation on while you watch! Isn’t this amazing?     

Boost your immune system 

alawyersvoyage boost immunity during quarantine

A strong immune system may give you an edge to a healthy life. Take this as an opportunity to inculcate small habits at home for a healthier life. Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables that you usually don’t, in your routine. Check HealthifyMe”,  AI-led fitness and health app that has launched Immunity Assessment Tests, which can be taken by anyone free of cost. The app also has hand wash tracker and other immunity building tools. 

Stay Physically Active 

alawyersvoyage fitness during quarantine

This is a must! Stay physically active during self-quarantine. Physical activity and relaxation techniques can be vital to help you remain calm and composed. WHO recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of high-intensity physical activity per week, or a combination of both. Take advantage of online exercise classes.

With many to choose from, our personal favorites online workout-training sessions are:  

Cure.Fit app, which contains fitness activities ranging from dance fitness to strength and conditioning to yoga and much more! The best part is that they conduct live sessions with energy tracker. Now isn’t that exciting? The app is available on Android and IOS. 

Nike has put up its workout plans on the app Nike Training Club for free. It contains around 180+ workouts ranging from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. The app is available on Android and IOS.  

Fitrr, the fitness and nutrition community has introduced live workout sessions for users on their apps. The app is available on Android and IOS.

With online fitness classes booming, there are no excuses for not working out even if you can’t hit the gym.


alawyersvoyage meditate during quarantine

Image Credit: Knowledge Warton

This is one of the best things you can do to relieve your stress and anxiety. Check Aura. This app walks you through meditation and mindfulness. The app is available on Android and IOS. 

Do Karaoke 

alawyersvoyage Karoake during quarantine

There are tons of websites where not only you can belt out some high notes but also invite friends to join! C’mon, Sing off the hard times! Check sites like Karafun, meragana, and likewise.   

Press the Bored Button 

alawyersvoyage bored button quarantine

Image Credit: APK4Fun

Not in the mood to do anything or just exhausted with the quarantine routine? Well, just go ahead and press the Bored Button.

Bored Button is a site/app that gives you access to some random fun games that can be played online. It will take you to one of the hundreds of not-so-boring sites and keep you entertained for hours.   

This is it from our side! Do you also have some fun things to do during the quarantine while we are at home? Leave us a comment. 🙂

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