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Andaman will give you a chance to have an unforgettable trip. Explore this beautiful Island with us. This Andaman Itinerary for 6 days is perfect if you limited days to spend. So, let us check this out!

Andaman Itinerary – 6 Days

The Andaman Island is rapidly becoming one of most popular destinations for tourists. The breathtaking coastlines, lush forested interior, turquoise water and a far-flung location, make the Andaman perfect choice for an enjoyable vacation. Comprising 572 islands, only a dozen or so are open to tourists. Here’s the perfect Andaman Itinerary for 6 days.

alawyersvoyage andaman

Image Credit: Flickr, Maciej Kraus

Andaman Highlights

Port Blair – Havelock Island- Neil Island – Ross Island – North Bay – Viper Island.

When to Go

It has a tropical climate and temperature remains 22- 32C throughout the year except monsoon.

1. November to May (Dry and not too windy)- overall good sightseeing, diving and snorkelling.

2. May to mid-September (Monsoon) – Not a great season for beach holiday. Low tourists season with great deals.

Day-wise break up

Highlights: Port Blair (3N), Havelock (2N).

Day – 1 & 2 Fly into Port Blair and Sightseeing

Surrounded by lush green forest and rugged coastline, Port Blair will leave you with a magical experience. Overnight at Port Blair.

alawyersvoyage Port Blair

Port Blair; Image Source- Maps of India


1. Cellular jail– Also known as Kala Pani, this was a colonial prison, known to house many freedom fighters. Today, it serves as national memorial monument. Engage yourself in a popular sound and light show at Cellular jail. For more details, click here.

2. Anthropological Museum- Museum providing a thorough and compassionate portrait of the islands’ indigenous tribal communities.

3. Samudrika Naval Museum – Run by the Indian Navy, this museum showcases informative coverage of the land’s ecosystem, tribal communities, plants and marine life.

4. Corbyns Cove – About 6 km from south of Port Blair, this is an unspoiled sandy beach, great for relaxing, swimming and jet-skiing. The coastal road here is scenic and passes several Japanese WWII bunkers.

5. Mount Harriet National Park – If you want to be away from chaos of Port Blair, Mount Harriet national park is a good peaceful alternative destination. The park is home to flora and fauna and some endangered species.


Take a flight to Port Blair. There are daily flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Chennai.


You will find affordable homestays, budget and luxury hotels in Port Blair.

You may check some of the options as below: 

Lalaji Bay View Hotel, popular amongst backpackers (INR 900 to 1800 per night) 

J Hotel, designer hotel in the heart of Aberdeen Bazaar (INR 5000 – 6000 per night)

Fortune Resort Bay Island, one of the finest in Port Blair (INR 9000 onwards per night) 

Hotel Sinclairs Bay View, situated on the road to Corbyn’s Cove  (INR 12000 onwards per night)

Hotel Megapode Nest, centrally located (INR 4000 onwards per night).

Day 2 – Ross Island, North Bay Island & Viper Island

Today, you will explore three islands, Ross Island (Paris of the East), North Bay Island (Coral) and Viper Island. Start your tour with Ross Island and end it with Viper Island. Alternatively, you can do just two-island tour Ross-North Bay Coral. Overnight will be at Port Blair.

Pro Tip: Ideally, people spend 2-3 hours but we recommend you to do a day-trip at a slow pace to enjoy the islands.


Can be reached either by a private boat or by government-run ferry. You can either buy tickets online or at Aberdeen Jetty, at Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports complex, Port Blair. For more details on government run ferry, click here.

Private boats run between Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports complex, Port Blair to Ross Island, every day, except Wednesdays. The journey to these islands start from Aberdeen Jetty. The cost is about INR 700. For more details, click here.


1. This is the only place in Andamans wherein you will find enough ATMs, reliable exchange of foreign currency. Havelock has about 2 ATMs.

2. The local mode of transport is taxi, autorickshaw and buses. You can hire a two-wheeler from various spots for around INR 400 per day.

3. If time permits, visit Clinique Island and Chidiya Tapu Biological Park.

Day 3 – Neil Island

This tiny island in south of Andaman, houses beautiful white beach, unexplored coral reef and crystal clear water. This island’s five (5) beaches have their own particular appeal. You will leave for Neil Island in the morning.


The government-run ferry runs everyday and take about 2.5 hours. The boarding point being Havelock Jetty. For more details, click here. The private ferry companies like Makruzz, Coastal Cruise, Green and Ocean Cruise will take about 1.5 Hours from Havelock.


1. Beaches – You can explore the beaches within 4 hours. Usually people opt for 3-point tour (three beaches), being Bharatpur (natural rock foundation), Laxmanpur (sunset view) and Sitapur (sunrise/limestone cave). Alternatively, you can just laze around on Bharatpur or Ramnagar beach.

2.  Diving and Snorkeling – If the idea of adventure excites you then, Neil offers some brilliant dive sites. There are about three dive centres. If you are fortunate, you will spot a dugong (sea cow) in the water.  Check India Scuba Explorers  and Dive India Scuba.


If you wish to stay overnight in Neil, the accommodation will range between INR 500 to 25,000 per night. Check Pearl Park Beach Resort (INR 3500 onwards per night), Seashells (INR 10500-12500 per night), Kalapani Beach Resort, Backpackers heaven.

Day 4 & 5 Havelock Island 

alawyersvoyage Scuba Havelock

Scuba- Havelock; Image Source Experience Andamans

Take the ferry to reach Travellers paradise, Havelock Island. This place is known for diving, coral reef and beaches. Overnight at Havelock.


There are luxury boats and government run boats. The Private ferries like “Makruzz” and “Coastal Cruise” have daily services from Port Blair.


1. Radhanagar (Beach 7) – Rated as the best beach in Asia, this is one the prettiest beaches in India and is known for its sunset.

2. Neil’s Cove– Just 10-15 min walk from Radhnagar beach, is gorgeous Neil’s Cove. Known for snorkeling and sun bathing. Do look out for warnings regarding crocodiles.

3. Kalapatthar Beach –Quieter than the island’s main beach, clean sand but unsuitable for swim.

4. Elephant Beach – One of the famous beaches in Havelock Island. It is ideal for snorkeling and enjoying beautiful corals. Enjoy Sea- Walking.

5. Jungle Treks – Some resorts organize guided jungle treks. Do check with them.

6. Kayaking – Check Tripadvisor for reviews.

7. Diving and Snorkeling – Havelock is paradise for divers and the main dive season is November to April. Check Dive India  and Barefoot Scuba .


Coconut Grove Beach Resort relaxed vibes,(INR 600 onwards per night)Emerald Gecko (Bungalow)  (INR 1500-3000 per night), Blue Bird Resort (INR 6500 onwards per night), Silver Sand (INR 10,000 onwards per night), Bare Foot (INR 9500 onwards per night).

Day 6 – Fly-out from Port Blair

As per your flight, board a ferry leave from Havelock to Port Blair, and fly-out from Port-Blair to your home City! 


1. Icy Spicy– Veg food (Port Blair)

2. New India Café (Port Blair); 10am – 10:30 pm

3. Excel restaurant (Port Blair) 7am – 9:30pm

4. Full Moon Café -Budget eating (Havelock Island)7am – 10:30pm

5. Red Snapper – Sea Food (Havelock Island)7:30am – 10:am; noon – 2:30 pm; 6pm to 9:30pm.


1. If you have more time, add 3 days more and visit Little Andaman. Little Andaman is about 120 km (7-8 hours) from Port Blair. The main entry-exit town of this is ‘Hut Bay’. Sightsee the Lighthouse, waterfalls; explore beaches (Butler Bay, Kalapatthar), and go surfing.

2. Usually, all companies offer fully equipped boat dives. Normally, the diving starts from INR 5000/6000 with options of PADI divers and prices vary depending upon the diving location, duration, advance course etc.

3. The beaches are infested by sand flies. Carry an insect repellent to avoid unpleasant attacks from insects/sans flies.

4. Crocodiles are part of the Andamans so look out for warnings and read before you reach the specific islands. The presence of crocodile is known to be in Corbyn’s Cove, Wandoor, North Andaman.

5. All foreigners need a permit to visit Andaman Islands. The same is issued free on arrival at Port Blair.

We hope that we have managed to tempt you to plan a trip to Andamans! Looking for more personal itinerary? Let us connect! 🙂

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