Skydiving experience

Ever thought of flying like a bird? Openly out in the sky? If you are an adventure junkie and enjoy the challenge, then the skydiving experience is for you!

You have all read the articles about the best skydive locations in the world, what to wear, and so on. But how does it feel to jump off that plane? why should you do it at least once in your lifetime? Let us read more about it.

I will not say that skydiving has been my ultimate dream since I was a kid. However, I had been toying with the idea of going skydiving for quite some time. 

My first skydiving experience was in New Zealand. When I got an opportunity to jump off the plane in New Zealand, there was no chance of letting it go! 

New Zealand, apart from its beauty is also well known for its adventurous sport, prime being skydiving. My first tandem skydiving experience got me hooked! 


I have been awake since 3 a.m. since I signed up for skydiving. I wondered if other people who have signed up for skydiving experience are up too? Finally, the D-day comes. I booked a slot for 10 a.m. at Nzone Skydive, Queenstown. I reached the skydive location at 8 a.m. with hopes to accomplish my mission and tell stories. As luck would have had it, the weather suddenly became unfavourable to skydive, and I needed to wait. I am not lying; my anxiety level was shooting high. After 2 hours, the weather changed, and I was asked to reach the centre. 

Signing the waiver

Upon reaching, you signoff the waiver that says you have read all the rules and waive away any liability if a mishap happens. Basically, you waive your life away. Honestly, this was not the hardest part for me as all I wanted that day was to jump off that plane! And come to think of it, aren’t we all habituated to signing a lot of papers anyway? Especially those insurance documents!

The Training

We all divers gathered into one room, and instructions were given to us about do’s and don’ts. Later, we drove towards the skydiving location (drop zone). The journey between the Centre and the Location must not have been more than 15 minutes, but that day, it felt endless!

Pre-jump feelings

I get to the dropzone, and I can never forget the aura and the serenity of the place. That music to keep your spirits high, those random smiles from the jumpers, pro-looking divers laughing and dancing – it was all priceless!  They clearly do not think they are dying. I calm myself down and wait for my turn. 

No matter what time slot you have been allotted, you have to wait for 2-3 hours depending upon various reasons and circumstances.

While you wait for your turn, you will see several people boarding the aeroplane, waiving at the camera, and parachute landing with happy faces. I remember getting fascinated by this entire experience and waiting for my turn to come (desperately). 

While I wait, I pop out my earbuds to listen to The Chemical Brothers (on loop).

It is almost time to go

I strap myself into a grey and black jumpsuit. I see my tandem jumper approaching me in a red jumpsuit with a broad smile. We chat a bit, and he escorts me to a little aeroplane. By now, the reality of the situation has sunk in a bit more.

I look around some other faces with somewhat the same emotions as mine – like ok! here we go! We greet each other and take off.

The plane ride

It is a tiny plane with limited seats. As the aeroplane goes higher, my jumper draws my attention to the beautiful landscape of Queenstown. It is the most dramatic landscape you can ever skydive over. 

I see divers talking to each other, helmets close enough to bump randomly. Before the jump, my jumper asked me if I am scared, and I told him – “C’mon, I am not going to die! You are going to save me”!! We both have a hearty laugh, and he pats my back reassuringly. 


Time to Jump

We reach the desired altitude. We were at 14000 feet. The door is open, and the first group of skydivers have jumped out into the clear big blue void. My jumper nudges me gently towards the door.

Finally, I am at the door, and it is so windy! I remember telling myself do not look down! No no, don’t! Alas, I take the plunge. As you leap off the plane like a bird, the winds, the beauty of the landscape rushes up to you. I was free-falling. You hit the clouds, feel the breeze, feel the peace and experience the beauty! 

After a free fall of 60 seconds, suddenly I feel the taps. My canopy opens and my harness hugs my legs. Everything slows down. By now, my jumper may have felt that I may be a daredevil, and he asked me if I wanted to steer the canopy for a while. I happily agreed!

We spent some time gliding over Queenstown and enjoying the scenic beauty of New Zealand! It is so silent up there. Everything just slows down to the pace of meditation. Those moments up in the sky are the best ones to experience. 

I realize I am no more scared. Soon thereafter, we started lowering towards the ground. Finally, I see the drop zone underneath us.

The moment I hit the ground, I felt euphoric! I wave at others, and I see them waving back. I get a hug from my jumper, and we click another picture. 

As I walk back into the hanger, I see a person nervous, probably busy with an inner monologue and asking the same damn question- why am I doing this? I remember giving him a big smile and saying, “See you back down here with a big smile on your face.” 

I know this skydiving experience has made me a new person. It is the wildest, craziest, MOST inspired, MOST joyous, MOST incredible experience of my lifetime. It is something that can never be fully expressed in words but can only be experienced.

So why would anyone sane want to jump off the aeroplane? Well, I think there a few good reasons to do it

1. It teaches you to embrace your fears and how to feel alive 

Skydiving experience makes you embrace your fear and makes you feel alive. It is pure bliss. Once you skydive, you realize that your fears are attainable, and they will soon become your past. 

You realize that fear is mental, and once we overcome these mental blocks and switch our mindset, true transformation is guaranteed.

2. Huge Adrenaline Rush

As glorified as it sounds, but the truth is that skydiving does create a huge adrenaline rush. When you jump off the aeroplane, you are not going to think about anything except about that moment you are in. 

When you exit the plane, you will free fall at a speed up to 200 km/h. You will be buzzing for days! Regardless of what height you jump from, your canopy is pulled at 5000 feet, giving you a gentle float for about a few minutes before you start sailing down on earth.

Do you remember that moment of adrenaline rush in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara when Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar and Abhay Deol scream out excitement during skydive? I am convinced that they weren’t faking it!!

3. You Will Get The Most Incredible View

Once the canopy deploys and you slow down, you can’t help but experience and soak in the beauty of mother earth. There’s nothing like feeling some fresh air or flying pass some nice puffy clouds. You enjoy the unrivalled and uninterrupted beauty of the place and the sensation of a free fall.

4. It Is Not As Dangerous As It Sounds

It is safe. Of course, there are some inherent dangers attached to this activity. However, if you follow safety measures, everything should set right. Make sure you are skydiving with a reputed company, and you are good to go.

5. You Make A New Best Friend For 30 Minutes Of Your Life

You will be surprised by the bond that you will share with the jumper, who is pulling your parachute! Well, he is your best friend for the next 30 minutes of your life.

The skydiving experience is fun. Until now, I have skydived three times already and craving for more. 

Fill your head with positive thoughts, and you’ll have the best experience of your life. Also, you will get free scream therapy with every skydive! The only way to appreciate skydiving is to experience it. Go ahead and do it!

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