Vineyards in India

Who doesn’t like the tang of wine? Join us as we take you through our top 12 favourite vineyards in India.

Just like the rest of the world, India has quickly caught on to the wine tour scene over the decades. At present, there are about 60 vineyards in India. The majority of wine production happens in two states: Maharashtra and Karnataka. 

You may not get to wine stomp on all grapes, but you will get to witness the pretty views of the vineyards, the exquisite wine tasting while holidaying at the beautiful vineyards; these wine tours have it all.

Bookmark these wine destinations for your next long weekend. 

Top 12 Spectacular Vineyards In India

During your visit to these vineyards in India, you can do a lot more than merely taste some wines but instead indulge in a whole host of fun activities. Plus, some vineyards also let you stay in and complete the experience by staying there. So, yay!

Here are 12 vineyards in India that need your attention even if you are not an ardent fan of wine!

1. Sula Vineyard- Nashik, Maharashtra

vineyards in India

We all know this one! One of the most popular and first wine brands in India, Sula was established in the year 1999. The Sula vineyard extends over a whopping 3,000 acres of land in Gangapur, Nashik. 

They occupy about an 80% share of the Indian wine market, owing to their fine taste and no-frills prices. 

With a perfect backdrop of the hills, you can enjoy their extensive gamut of wines ranging from red wines like Dia Red, Satori Merlot, and Cabernet Shiraz, sparkling wines such as Brut Tropicale and Seco, to Chenin Blanc, Riesling, and Zinfandel Rosé. 

The vineyard houses luxurious rooms, a gym, spa, restaurant, infinity pool, and games room to make your experience all the more extraordinary. 

The most anticipated event is their Sula Fest music festival organized in February each year, which is known to be India’s biggest vineyard music festival.

Best Time To Visit: November – March. 

For wine enthusiasts who wish to enjoy wine stomping, visit between January-March. For hugely popular SulaFest, visit the vineyard in February.  

2. KRSMA Vineyards- Hampi, Karnataka 

A Karnataka-based vineyard has made it to the 50 World’s Best Vineyard 2020. Situated at the World’s Heritage Site of Hampi, the KRSMA Vineyards is another popular destination for wine tourism. 

It is situated on the slopes of Hampi Hills and is known to produce the most unique and premium quality wines each year. 

Their unique style is that it is the only vineyard in the country that does not follow a specific recipe or type of wine. Instead, they let grapes decide the final taste of the wine without controlling it from the outside. 

KRSMA’s flagship wine is the Cabernet Sauvignon that has gained rave reviews from people across both India and worldwide. 

Best Time To Visit: November to February.

3. Charosa Vineyards- Nashik, Maharashtra

Image source- Charosa Vineyard

The Charosa Vineyards located in the Charosa region in Dindori, Nashik is one of the most scenic estates with widespread 230 acres of vine trails. The vineyard overlooks splendid green hills and tranquil valley waters, beautifully mimicking Tuscan vineyards. 

The Charosa vineyard offers a delicious range of premium and semi-premium wines. The same includes Charosa Reserve Tempranillo, Charosa Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, and Charosa Selections.

Best Time To Visit: January to March.

4. Four Seasons Vineyards- Pune, Maharashtra

vineyards in India

Situated amidst the picturesque Western Ghats in Baramati, Pune, the Four Seasons Vineyards offer an exquisite wine and food pairing tour experience. 

This palatial property is spread over 55 acres of land and produces wines using the grapes from the Sahyadri Valley in Maharashtra. Whether it is red, rosé or white, their wines are a must-try for wine enthusiasts. These wines include Zinzi, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot. 

Also, their property houses luxurious rooms with spectacular views, a swimming pool, spa, party deck, and restaurant, creating a sublime experience for visitors. 

Best Time To Visit: January to April.

5. Vallonné Vineyards- Pune, Maharashtra


Image source: Vallonne Vineyards

The Vallonné Vineyards are a boutique winery in Baramati, Pune, which is surrounded by the mighty Sahyadri range and the calm waters of Mukhne Lake. 

The vineyard was established in the year 2009 and is known for producing premium French-style wines. Their Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Rosé, Malbec as well as their dessert wine called Vin De Passerillage are a definite must-try. 

The lake-facing resistant offers impeccable south-east Asian cuisine that pairs up nicely with the Vallonné wines.

Best Time To Visit: January to April.

6. Chateau Indage Estate Vineyards- Narayangaon, Maharashtra

Producer of some of the best wines in India, the Chateau Indage Estate Vineyards are situated in a quaint location near Sahyadri Valley and are surrounded by lush landscapes. They also have two other facilities, one each, in Nashik and Himachal Pradesh.

Whether you are a beginner enthusiast or a sophisticated wine connoisseur, there are 32 different types of wine for every palate. 

To discover the vineyard and explore the winemaking process, they organize weekend wine tours of about 2 hours. The same is followed by a wine tasting session at their Ivy Café and Bar.

If you wish to stay longer for a vacation, they also have cottages facing the wine trails.

Best Time To Visit: January to April.

7. Fratelli Wines- Solapur, Maharashtra


Fratelli Wines is an Indo-Italian vineyard that was founded in the year 2007. 

It is a producer of premium Indian wines, the Fratelli Sette Reserve Red being the most popular among both national and international wine lovers. Other wines include dry Chenin Blanc, Sette, Chardonnay, late-harvest dessert wine as well as Sangiovese Bianco. These wines are made to suit every taste, right from a novice to a dedicated wine aficionado.

Apart from their regular wine tour, they also offer a package of 3 days and 2 nights that come with 4 complimentary bottles including their Sauvignon Blanc, Sangiovese, award-winning Fratelli Chenin Blanc along with any other wine of your choice. 

While, Solapur houses their main vineyard, the Garwar and Motewadi region house two of their other vineyards, which are all blessed with exquisite and thriving landscapes.

Best Time To Visit: January – April.

8. Soma Vineyards, Karnataka

vineyards in India

It is one of the scenic vineyards of India. Bordered by Makali Hill and Gudamagere Lake, it is one of the unique vineyards where plantations like coconut palms, other fruit trees coexist with grape wines.  

One can spend hours hill-gazing or even soak at 360-degree views from several vantage points at this boutique winery.  

The vineyard offers a comprehensive four-hour tour where you get to taste some exclusive wines produced by this vineyard. Their speciality includes Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz. 

They offer wine with unique barbeque lunch and moreover, the chef on a request also curates dishes for vegans (yum!).  

Apart from Karnataka, they also have a popular vineyard (Soma Vine Village) in Nashik for you to explore. 

9. Grover Zampa Vineyards- Nandi Hills, Karnataka

Image source: Orientrail journeys

Snuggled up in the foothills of the breathtaking Nandi Hills in Karnataka, the Grover and Zampa vineyards are slowly gaining the number one spot as India’s top wine producers. 

They were also the first to grow French grape varieties in India. Grover offers 2 slots of wine tours all days of the week along with a buffet lunch, while the Zampa offers 3 slots of guided wine tours where you can also enjoy grape stomping with other tourers. 

Their most popular premium wines include Chardonnay, Shiraz, and Cabernet Sauvignon among others. The lush green hills, hiking trails, and a naturally abundant forest area spread across miles, make it a glorious spot to visit any time of the year. 

Apart from Nandi Hills, they also have a vineyard in Nashik for you to explore.

Best Time To Visit: November to February.

10. York Winery- Nashik, Maharashtra

Image source: York Winery

Spread across six acres of land, the York Winery in Gangapur, Nashik is a must-visit vineyard. It offers  evergreen view of the hills and lake. 

York-Winery is popular for producing an award-winning, premium quality wines. Their collection includes their Reserve Chiraz, Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc, and Sauvignon Blanc. Thanks to the naturally abundant red soil in the area! 

They offer a range of packages throughout the week that is concluded with wine tasting and finger foods in their York Tasting Room overlooking the picturesque landscapes. You can also pair up the delectable York wines with local Maharashtrian and North Indian cuisines served in their Cellar Door Restaurant.

The York Live wine festival has gained quite the traction in the past few years for its exotic wines. They have live music performances, grape stomping activities, carnival games, and a variety of cuisines.

Best Time To Visit: November to March. 

11. Heritage Vineyards (Now Domaine Sula), Karnataka 

Known for its exquisite vineyard and best-quality wines, this winery is quite famous for the choices it offers. 

Nuzzled away in a rustic town, it offers one of the best wine tours where you can learn the art of winemaking, taste some authentic wine and enjoy lunch at their in-house restaurant amidst a sprawling landscape.  

Do shop their Kadu range, produced exclusively with grapes from Karnataka.

12. Chateau d’Ori- Nashik, Maharashtra

Last, but, definitely not the least is the Bordeaux-inspired dome-shaped Chateau d’Ori. The vineyard spread across 200 acres of land encircles  three artificial lakes in the area of Dindori, Nashik. 

This modern winery is an immediate attraction amongst tourers for its conventional French feel, providing them with an experience to remember. 

This winery houses the largest Merlot plantations in the country along with their exquisite wine selection of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Chenin Blanc, and Chardonnay. 

You can take a vineyard tour and savor their wines, while also having the option to extend your stay at their farmhouse.

 Best Time To Visit: November to March.

As Ernest Hemingway once said, “My only regret in life is that I did not drink more wine.” 

So, why not visit one of these amazing vineyards in India and check out their exquisite wines tours for real bottoms up experience with your friends and family!

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