About me

Welcome to “A Lawyer’s Voyage”


I’m Khyati Thaker. Born and brought up in Mumbai, India, I am a lawyer-turned-blogger. I come from an enthusiastic travel family, so travelling wasn’t new to me. I was six months old when my parents boarded a plane with me to go on their first trip after my birth.

The travel bug bit me at a very early age and refused to let me go! Before I decided to take the plunge into this travel space full-time, I worked in one of the top law firms in India for about ten years.


I craved to create my own space to share my travel experiences, itineraries, tips, photo stories, wellness and everything that one would want to know about travelling the world!

On A Lawyers’ Voyage, you will find travel blogs, sample itineraries all around the globe. 

My goal is to create a warm and loving space where we share travel experiences and personal growth and find inspiration always to be happy!


Customised Itinerary 

I love to design and create personalised itineraries for travellers. Planning a trip is supposed to be fun, but it can become a little stressful and sometimes overwhelming!

We all need that inspiration from time to time, and I am on a mission to make people happy by making them travel by assisting them with personalised itineraries.

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Freelance Content Writing & Ghost Writing

Content is what I live for.

I have been writing blogs and articles since 2018. 

I recognise the fact that every brand has a story to tell. I also understand that every content piece is based on a delicate balance between detailed research and wordplay. 

Once you hire me, I will work with you to understand your story (and thoughts) before creating compelling and engaging content for you. I create content that is engaging and plagiarism free. 

I only accept projects that interest me, and I give more than 100% when I take the project. 

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Let’s work together. 🙂


Let us connect on Instagram and Facebook for my travel stories and also for some vibrant feed. See you there! :).