Personal Travel Planning

Hi, I’m Khyati!

Hire  your itinerary curator / travel planner. 


I’m a lawyer-turned itinerary curator and a blogger. I boldly decided to leave behind a lucrative corporate career and pursue my true passion.

Trust me; my conviction in this choice is unwavering. 


A Lawyer’s Voyage (ALV) offers a range of professional services to cater to your travel needs:

1. ALV Curated Itineraries

I curate personalised travel itineraries to suit your preferences and interests, ensuring a seamless day-by-day travel experience. Overall, you’ll receive:

  • Day-wise itinerary (with links to hotels, activities, maps, and likewise)
  • Travel guide (provides valuable insights, food recommendations, local experiences, time and money-saving tips, driving routes, hidden gems and likewise, depending upon the destination).

2. ALV Consultation (For an existing Travel Itinerary)

Do you already have an travel itinerary but require some guidance? No worries. I’ve got you covered! 

I offer a consultation service that provides my comments, suggestions, and insights to enhance your existing itinerary/travel plan.

Rest assured, I will not alter your existing itinerary but offer expert advice to optimize it.

3. Ready-made ALV Itineraries

These are well-researched and ready-made itineraries by ALV. These itineraries come in handy and are easy to follow.

The itinerary shall have links to book hotels, sightseeing options, food recommendations, map links, and more.

Please note that no changes can be made to these readymade ALV itineraries. 

You can email us at, and we take it forward from there.



This is applicable for ALV Curated Itineraries and ALV Consultation only.

Step 1: We have an initial call (free)/exchange email(s) to understand your interest and your requirements. This is to get to know more about you and create a perfect itinerary for your trip!

Step 2: If you want to proceed, you’ll pay 30% advance of my fees via bank transfer/Paypal or Gpay.

Step 3: I’ll start curating a customised itinerary /consultation summary, as the case may be, for you. I might reach out to you for additional details/questions during this time. 

Step 4: Within 7-10 days, I will email your PDF day-by-day itinerary or consultation summary/comments, as the case may be. We will have another round of discussion and finalize the plan.   

Step 5: I will provide you  direct link(s) for accommodations and activities (if applicable). All you have to do is to use these links to book the travel.

Step 6: Enjoy your trip and come back with wonderful memories! 

Don’t miss out! I only create 5 itineraries monthly, as I pour my heart and soul into each one to ensure they receive the attention they deserve.


  • No commissions. You get my honest recommendations, not ones that make me money.
  • A frequent traveller who does this out of love. I give away a bunch of free travel advice through my blogs because I believe everyone should have access to honest and tested travel recommendations. 
  • I don’t recommend what I wouldn’t personally book.
  • Deep knowledge and thorough research. I won’t plan your trip if I am not confident about the area. I believe if you hire a personal travel planner/consultant, you should be getting more than just a standard package. 

Moreover, I understand that personal travel planning is more than just booking flights and accommodations; it’s about crafting unforgettable experiences tailored specifically to your desires.


If you’re a travel lover who finds it challenging to invest time in research or simply dislikes it, then it’s a YES!



I’m not a travel agent, so I won’t be able to book your trip for you. However, all links for bookings are provided either in the customised itinerary or travel guide. You just have to use these links to book yourself.

I will do my best to answer all your travel questions even during your trip but will not be providing emergency assistance.

I am not responsible for trip cancellations, accommodation issues, or any emergency situation that happens on your trip. You must go through your travel agent or the company you booked through.

Your personal information will be kept confidential and only used to create your custom travel itinerary.

Do you wish to know more? Let’s connect 

Feel free to reach out to me at

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