Salzburg is an Austrian city located on the border of Germany, with Eastern Alp views. Discover Salzburg in 2 days with these “Must Visit Places”.

Salzburg in 2 Days – Must Visit Places

Salzburg is straight out of a story book and I bet you will fall in love with it.  Ideally, 2 days of Salzburg visit should cover all must visit sightseeings. Let us begin to discover Salzburg in 2 days with these “Must Visit Places”

For the sake of convenience, we have split the sightseeing places into two parts, being, “Do not Miss Places” and “Try hard to visit Places”. Depending upon your itinerary, you can choose to visit these places.

“Do not Miss Places” of Salzburg 

Salzburg has Museums, Palaces and so much more!

1. Hohensalzburg Castle/Salzburg Fortress

You will get great views from this fortress. If you wish to climb, (well, consider this climb as your “hike”), it will take about 30 to 40 minutes for you to reach. Alternatively, you can take the funicular (tram), from downtown, which runs every 10 minutes! Inside the castle there is a permanent Fortress Museum that can be visited anytime of the year.

2. Salzburg Cathedral

This Cathedral has impressive interiors with a huge 233-foot tall dome. Before entering the Cathedral, one cannot miss the beautiful Virgin Mary Statue in Dome Square. Going closer, you will notice a large scene with 4 large statues of Saints.

3. Chapter Square (Kapitelplatz)

Very close to the Salzburg Cathedral, this square is the centre of city. The first two things to check out are over sized chessboard and a 30-foot-tall yellow orb sculpture with a man on top called Sphaera.

4. Mozart Birthplace

House where Mozart was born in 1756, featuring his instruments and other exhibits.

Mozart Birthplace Salzburg

Mozart Birthplace

5. Sound of Music Tour

Salzburg is famous for this! Chances are that many people have seen classic musical movie Sound of Music. Most people do 4 hour bus tour which takes visitors to several filming location. There is also “Do it Your Own” option which you can consider.

6. Getreidegasse – Squares and Streets

Getreidesgasse is one of the famous sights of this town. It is known for its picturesque shopping lane, with high end establishments, souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes. Strolling down this street is a feast for the eyes.

Getreidegasse street Salzburg

Getreidegasse street

7. Salt Mines in Berchtesgaden

Although this salt mine is not located in Salzburg, it is definately worth a visit! It is about 33 kms (about less than an hour) from Salzburg. During this tour, you will explore the underground world and life of miners. What is the highlight of the tour? The 36 meters-long miners’ slide and ride across “mirror lake”. This spot will exceed your expectations!

Salt Mine- Berchtesgaden

Photo Credit-

Tip: A day trip from Salzburg is also possible if you have a day to spare. You can also take a little de-tour and visit this place while you are leaving from salzburg to next destination.

8. Coffee Break

Enjoy your coffee breaks! The Cafe culture is an essential part of the Austrian experience.

I personally loved Café Glockenspiel. What a lovely place to sit, relax and have some amazing coffee.

Cafe - Salzburg

Coffee with a view- Mozart View

“Try Hard to Visit” these places in Salzburg 

1. Makartsteg / Love Locks Bridge

The Makartsteg is a bridge over river Salzach river with pretty (love) locks. Enjoy your walk on this pedestrian bridge with sound of river and fresh air! The view from the bridge is beautiful and attracts lot of tourists.

Love Loacks- Salzburg

Love Locks

Bridge- Salzburg river

2. Mirabell Palace & Garden 

Mirabell Palace is a masterpiece of architecture.  Surrounded by the colourful flowers, this palace will lift your mood high.  This is a beautiful garden in the centre where the “Sound of Music” was filmed. Wander around this place and witness an amazing views of Salzburg Cathedral.

Tip: Mirabell Palace is closed on weekends, therefore, visit this place on a weekday.

3. Hellbrunn Palace 

This is a lavish palace on the outskirts of town, featuring gardens with trick fountains.

Hellbrunn Palace- Salzburg

Hellbrunn Palace. Photo Credit Fodors Travel Guide

4. Dom Quartier Museum 

This architectural complex houses the cathedral, art museums and various collection focused on history of Salzburg.

Dom Quartier résident- Salzburg

Dom Quartier résident- Photo Credit- 


If you are staying beyond 2 days, you can enjoy few excursions from Salzburg.

1. Eagle’s Nest

In case you are ready for an ambitious half day tour, then visit Eagle Nest. I bet, you won’t regret.

2. Giant Ice Caves

Werfen’s “world of  ice giants” is world’s biggest ice cave. The cave system is 42 km deep into the mountain and is a protected natural monument.

Giant Ice Cave Salzburg

Giant Ice Cave

Salzburg is a magical place and I strongly recommend a visit.

Do you still have questions about planning your trip? No worries, leave us a comment and we will be happy to help 🙂

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