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The France itinerary designed by us is slow paced and it ensures that you are not rushing from one place to another on everyday basis. This is aimed for the first time visitors who want a little taste of everything that France has to offer. This Itinerary principally covers Paris, Nice, Wine Capital, French Alps and neighboring excursions/sightseeing places. Our France itinerary focuses on places at/around Southern France in addition to Paris:

  • Paris – 4 Days
  • Avignon – 1 Day
  • Nice – 4 days (includes excursions)
  • Chorges – 1 Day
  • Chamonix – 2 Days
  • Beaune – 1 night (wine capital)
  • Paris – Fly out. 


France is a place of placid beauty. It is Western Europe’s largest country with diverse landscapes. You’ll discover array of artistic and architectural wonders, a range of ancient mountains, beautiful beaches, snow capped French Alps and wine producing regions.

In a nutshell, Paris is the star of the show, Provence is a small town of France with best views; French Riviera offers up beaches and elegance with a bit of glamor; and French Alps are nature lover’s paradise. 


Having a car provides a lot of freedom and convenience when travelling through Europe. You can use Rental Cars to check the best deals available on rentals.

France has 3427 kms of coastline, spread along the Atlantic and Mediterranean. A drive from coast to coast uncovers dramatic beauty, ports and quaint coastal villages.

Tip: We recommend you to pick up your car at Avignon and drop it off at Paris. Sometimes, it makes more sense to pick up a car at one location and drop it off at another. Do the math and check if it’s worth spending a little more money with this scenario to save time and less drive miles.


alawyersvoyage france route

South of France – Route

Day 1- 4: Paris and a day trip to Versailles  

Fly into Paris and start your trip with this charming city. It is impossible to see Paris’ cultural sights in 3 days so we have narrowed it down to the popular ones. 

alawyersvoyage Louvre Paris

1. Louvre Museum

Europe’s oldest, greatest and the most popular museum.  

2. Notre-Dame Cathedral

Paris’s beloved church is dedicated to “Our Lady”, Mary, the mother of Jesus. This Cathedral is famous for its Tower Climb. The entrance for Notre Dame’s tower climb is outside the cathedral, along on the left side. You can hike upto 400 steps for the epic eye-view of the Cathedral, Seine river and city.  

Unfortunately, on 15 April 2019, a fire broke out beneath the roof of the cathedral. As we write this blog, the restoration work is yet to start and date is yet to be determined.   

Tip: If you’re claustrophobic, skip climbing this tower. It’s a narrow and busy space – and once you start climbing, you are expected to finish it.    

3. Sainte-Chapelle

Gothic Cathedral with unrivalled stained glass. It is breathtaking example of gothic architecture in Paris.

4. Eiffel Tower

Needs no introduction. This is Paris’ soaring exclamation point! It is crowded and expensive but visiting this 1000-foot tall adornment is a must!

alawyersvoyage eiffel-tower

The show stopper!

5. Champs-Élysées

An iconic landmark of Paris, this famous boulevard is often described as the world’s most beautiful avenue!

6. Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe, a triumphal arch in Paris commissioned by Napolean in 1906. It is perhaps one of the most iconic French monuments. It is built in the memory of those died in the French Revolution and Napoleonic war.

7. Musee d’Orsay

If you like museums, visit this museum that covers art dating from middle of the 19thcentury up to early 20th century.  

8. Montmartre

A home to a large hill, atop which sits the glorious Sacre Coeur de Montmartre, this is Paris’s another iconic buildings. The Basilica is free to visit. If you wish to climb the tower, there is a small fee attached to it.

9. Versailles

alawyersvoyage Versailles

Throughout the Versailles palace garden, visitors will discover wonderful statues that are tastefully integrated

Go a little further about 25 km from Paris to visit this beautiful city. Allocate at least half a day for this majestic French city with royal roots. Start off by touring the Palace and don’t forget to walk in the incredible (huge) gardens!

10. Hop on Seine River cruise

The Seine River is the most beautiful avenue in Paris and a trip to the City of Light cannot be complete without a cruise.

alawyersvoyage Seine river cruise

A cruise on the Seine is one of the best activities in Paris!

11. Enjoy Parisian Cabarets 

Cabarets and dinner shows are an essential part of the Parisian night scene. With so many options, pick one and add it to your itinerary. 

Tip: We would not recommend you to rent a car within Paris. For sight seeing – you can walk around, take a bus or a metro train that is easily available and convenient. 

Day 5: Arrive at Avignon

alawyersvoyage Avignon

Pick up your car and leave from Paris early morning for Avignon. This historic, vibrant city will leave you fascinated. The places that can visited are: 

1. Palace of Popes

A UNESCO world heritage. Either you can admire from outside or head inside and tour the 25 interior rooms that are open to public.

2. Stroll along Pont Saint-Bénézet’s Bridge

This should not be missed. This bridge was built between 1171 and 1185 and have been reconstructed several times. You can walk out to the end of the bridge and click some great pictures! 

3. Cathedrale Notre-Dame-des-Doms

Brilliant example of medieval architecture. Don’t forget to sip a coffee at this sophisticated square.

4. Le Pont du Gard

A three level stone aqueduct bridge and one of the best-preserved pieces of Roman architecture in France. It is also a UNESCO Heritage site.

Tip: We recommend you to take a train (TGV) from Paris to Avignon, which takes about 3 Hours 15 minutes. It’s faster and convenient. You can book your tickets in advance. Click here for more details. If you wish to drive from Paris, the journey takes about 7 hours (688 Km). In such a case, you can take a stopover at “Lyon” (instead of Avignon) and thereafter, proceed directly to Nice, France, as your next stop.   

Day 6 – 9: Nice  

Alawyersvoyage Nice France

Nice is the largest town along French Riviera. Make Nice as your base to explore French Riviera. Here’s how to explore this town: 

Day 6: Promenade Des Anglais

First things first, take a walk along the famous Promenade Des Anglais. This iconic promenade stretches 7 km and runs parallel to the beach. If you are up for a swim, carry your water shoes as walking on the pebbles in the water is painful.

Day 7: Climb up (or take the elevator) to the Castle Hill of Nice

This is a popular spot of Nice. One of the biggest attractions of this spot are the views from the top. You can see whole city of Nice and an artificial but a spectacular waterfall from the top.

Alternatively, if you are not keen to visit this popular spot, we recommend you to visit Aix-en-Provence, a 2 hours drive from Nice. 

Day 8:  Visit Monaco and Monte Carlo

About 30 minutes drive from Nice, the ride to Monaco is beautiful! It is the second smallest country in the world! If you are F1 fan, keep a tab when the Grand Prix takes place in Monaco.

While in Monaco, visit one of its neighborhoods – Monte Carlo. A multi-level city with everybody using elevators to get up and down! Something you should definitely try out.

On your return, if time permits, we recommend you to stop at Eze, another beautiful coastal village for some scenic views.

alawyersvoyage Monaco France

Monaco is a gorgeous and royal principality on the French Riviera.

Day 9: Cannes and Saint Tropez

Allow yourself to get seduced by the cities of the rich and famous. Cannes is about 40 minutes drive from Nice. No trip to Cannes is complete without a stroll on the winding cobbled lane of Le Suquet, an old quarter of Cannes.

Spend about 2-3 hours in Cannes and leave for St Tropez, an hour’s drive. It is an impressive glamorous coastal town on the French Riviera. Picturesque pastel-colored houses, narrow streets, sandy shores will woo your heart.

Tip: You can also take a full day trip by combining Monaco, Monte Carlo, Cannes and St Tropez and just relax on your last day at Nice.

alawyersvoyage Montecarlo Casino

The famous Monte Carlo Casino. Image Credit:

Day 10: Chorges

Leave for Chorges in the morning. Chorges is a commune in the Hautes-Alpes department in southeastern France. A large village standing against the backdrop of high mountains is so breathtaking. Certainly, this is an excellent place for overnight stopover.

We strongly recommend you to stay at VVF Villages, Chorges.  

alawyersvoyage VVF village Chorges

Image Credit: VVF Villages

Day 11 & 12: Chamonix- Mont-Blanc, France

Chamonix is a mountain town in the Alps at the junction of Switzerland, Italy and France. Chamonix is a perfect base to explore French Alps.

1. Visit Aiguille du Midi

If the day is close to clear, take the mountain life to Aiguille du Midi. This is an extremely popular attraction and is open all year around except for the annual maintenance period. Aiguille du Midi is a 3842m peak in the Mont Blanc chain of the French Alps. This is the closest you can get to the summit of Mont-Blanc without hiking.

alawyersvoyage Chamonix Mont-blanc

2. Annecy

The Venice of Alps, Annecy is an alpine town in the southeastern France. On your half-day trip, explore the old town area with colorful pedestrian streets, admire picturesque canals; and enjoy a stroll along the purest lake in Europe- Lake Annecy.

Tip: If you do not want to drive to Annecy from Chamonix then you can pit stop at Annecy on your way to Chamonix (from Chorges). However, make sure you spend atleast a couple of hours to do justice to this beautiful town and soak its beauty.

3. Hike

If you love hiking, Grand Balcon Sud is one of the best trails that take you to stunning forests, and jaw-dropping views. The hike is about 14km and the trail is relatively flat, easy and pleasant.

alawyersvoyage Annecy

Annecy – Cobbled streets, winding canals, street cafes and pastel-colored houses.

Day 13: Beaune

A walled city, located at the heart of the Burgandy winemaking region. This cobbled town is famous for its surrounding vineyards, medieval ramparts and regional delicacy.  

alawyersvoyage Beaune

1. Explore old town

Filled with restaurants, cafes and small shops, this area has a focus on gourmet food. If you are a food lover, stroll around this area and enjoy the food.

2. Visit Hotel-Dieu

This is one of the iconic spots of Beaune. The geometric-patterned tile roof and medieval architecture will win your hearts.

3. Wine tour  

Burgandy is one of the largest wine producing regions in France, therefore, a visit to a winery is must! We recommend you to visit Patriarche Pere et Fills which is located in the heart of the city.

Day 14: Fly out of Paris

Leave for the airport. The drive from Beaune to Paris is about 3 Hours 15 minutes.

Tip: If time permits, on the way to the airport, pit stop at Châteauneuf-en-Auxois, a 15th century fortress.


If you have got more than 14 days to spend then add more days at the places mentioned above to have more relaxing time. Alternatively, you can also add Bordeaux region for great wines, Dijon for cuisine, Strasbourg for vibrant culture. 


The best time is in the Spring or Fall: April to October. July and August is the best time to see the lavender fields. 


1. Self Drive

If you are taking a road trip, you will need an International Driver Permit. Most highways in France are subject to road tolls and fees are quite high. The toll fees vary depending upon the region you are in. Check the cost of your journey on ViaMichelin.

Tip: You pay the tolls either in cash or by credit card. Ensure that you’re in the right lane at these toll booths. They have signs and symbols for lanes, for example, money and coin symbols mean you can only pay by cash; and card symbols mean only card payments will be accepted at the toll booths.

2. Getting around by trains

France’s train network is fantastic but it comes with a high cost. It is advisable to search over the internet for cheaper options and purchase it much ahead of your trip to save cost. Use the high-speed bullet trains  (TGV) for far-flung destinations. Buy early and if you are travelling with a rail pass, reserve your TGV seats in advance.   

3. Money

The euro is used as the currency. Credit cards are widely accepted (except in the small set ups). Usually, ATMs give better rates than a currency exchange. 

4. Hotels/Apartments

Accommodation isn’t cheap in France. Be open to explore and stay at well located, family run hotels which are comfortable. In Paris, apartment rentals are not cheaper than good hotels, but, you’ll get ample space and can save some money on meals. 

5. Electrical Socket

Power outlets are generally two-prong round sockets. To avoid any hassle, carry an Universal adapter. 

6. Adapt to Espresso 

The coffee in France is a bit of a struggle. Don’t get me wrong, French people know their coffee, however, if you try anything except black coffee (or coffee with a bit of milk and sugar), you may get disappointed.  

7. Slow Down 

France is huge and there’s lot to see. Do not try to do too much in 1 or 2 weeks. Limit yourself to certain regions and savor the experience. 

Are you looking for a personalised itinerary? Connect with us and we shall be happy to curate one for you. 🙂 

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