Do you a travel bucket list yet? If yes, ever thought of adding Zanzibar to your list?

Located off the coast of Tanzania, this large island has an interesting history, breathtaking sunsets, lush tropical islands and gorgeous beaches. Zanzibar is one of the incredible places on the continent of Africa.

This semi-autonomous archipelago is a 395 km from Tanzania. So, here are our 6 reasons to add this incredible archipelago to the bucket list 🙂

1. The Beaches

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Zanzibar is home to idyllic beaches, tropical feel and gentle weather. It has appealing white sands, tall swaying palm trees and turquoise waters. Whether you are a water baby or not, you will surely fall in love with this country and surrender yourself to Zanzibar shores!

One of the biggest highlights is that you can kayak in some of the world’s clearest waters! How amazing is that?

alawyersvoyage Zanzibar Kayaking

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2. Stone Town and its status of UNESCO world heritage

alawyersvoyage Stone Town Zanzibar

Image credit: Viator

The “Stone Town”, an old part of Zanzibar has been included in UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Paying a visit to this beautiful place is itself an experience.  Although it is little touristy, it is extremely pretty and totally worth it!

A wander around Stone Town will introduced you to its street food, market food and few little charming cafes.

3. Marine Wild life Experience 

alawyersvoyage Marine life Zanzibar

A perfect under-water destination for snorkeling and diving! With its stunning coral reef and more than 200 species, Zanzibar is excellent for under-water activities!

By the way, it doesn’t end here. If love to swim then swim with Dolphins!! This is a “must do” activity if you are visiting Zanzibar!

alawyersvoyage Zanzibar Dolphins

Image Credit: Zanzibar View

With an expert guide, jump into the ocean and swim with untamed dolphins and have once in a lifetime experience.  

4. Sustainable Ecotourism Experiences 

alawyersvoyage Eco lodge zanzibar

Image Credit: Fleewinter

You will find eco-friendly hotels and lodges. You can experience the nature and immerse yourself in local culture in a sustainable way!

5. Cuisine and Exotic Spices

alawyersvoyage Zanzibar spices

Zanzibar is a seafood lover’s paradise. The local cuisine will leave your mouth watering.

Also, if you are a vegetarian (just like me), vegetarian food can be found at the some of the Zanzibar Islands. It is also known for its exotic spices like turmeric, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, lemongrass and black pepper. You can follow the aroma in the market street food!  

6. One of the Romantic Places of Earth

alawyersvoyage Zanzibar romantic spot

Image Credit: 100percenttravels

There are so many hidden beaches and islands to discover in Zanzibar. From beach side candle light dinners to isolated bandas to private beaches, there is an endless amount of romance that Zanzibar offers!

Are you ready to pack your bags and fly to Zanzibar? 🙂

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