Itinerary for Thailand

Spending 8 days in Thailand is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable trips that you’ll have.

Thailand offers something to every type of traveller.

When it comes to Thailand’s itinerary for island hopping and beaches, there are countless options that you can go ahead with.

So, if you are new to Thailand and looking for some ideas on island hopping on your Thailand trip, this blog will help you. 

I am not saying you’ll see it all in one trip, but this Thailand itinerary will help you cover some gorgeous destinations and the best beaches in 8 days. 


Thailand Visa

Thailand offers visa on arrival to 19 countries as listed here if they meet the requirements. 

For Indian passport holders, Thailand offers visa-on-arrival. 

fee of 2,000 THB (USD 60 / INR 4,420) is payable upon entry and is subject to change without notice.

The Visa fee should be paid in cash and Thai currency only. 

Thailand Itinerary breakdown 

Let’s get things started! 

Arrive at Phuket – Day 1 to 4 

Your Thailand itinerary comprising of beaches and island hopping starts now! 

Base yourself on one of the largest islands in Thailand, Phuket.

Basing yourself in Phuket gives you the advantage of flexibility in getting to other islands. 

thailand itinerary 8 days

What to do in Phuket in 4 days

Day 1 – Explore Phuket Town 

Big Buddha 

Thailand itinerary - phuket

Big Buddha is one of the vital spiritual destinations in Phuket. 

As a Buddhist country, when travelling to Thailand, do not get surprised if you come across innumerable temples and shrines scattered throughout the country. 

The statue of Big Buddha is located on Nakkerd Hill. With a height of 45 meters, this statue is visible from the whole of South Phuket. 

This lavishly built and white-painted figurine Buddha in his usual meditative pose is very impressive and free to visit!  

Kindly cover your shoulders and knees while visiting this place. (My tip is to carry a small sarong with you when visiting religious sites in Thailand).

Find more details here- The Big Buddha 

Phuket Old Town 

There is an array of things to do in Phuket Old Town. 

Phuket is not only about beaches but with tons of history for you to explore. 

You’ll be amazed by colourful colonial houses along Thalang road. You’ll also find some cute cafes in the old town. 

If you are here on a Sunday, you must visit the Sunday Walking Street market. The street turns so lively and is full of food stalls, local performers and shops. 

Wat Chalong 

It is the largest and most visited Buddhist temple in Phuket. 

The temple’s architecture is intricately beautiful, and a relic which is a fragment of a bone of the Buddha, can be found here.

Evening At Bangla Road 

Bangla road is great for a night stroll to indulge in some shopping or to party at one of the neon-lit bars dispersed in and around the area.

Day 2 & 3 – Snorkeling, Beach Hopping and Sunset viewpoint  

Snorkelling in Ao Sane Beach

thailand beaches and islands

Ao Sane Beach is a 200-meter-long beach in the southern part of Phuket. 

The beach has two distinct snorkelling areas – one is a sharp drop-off into deeper waters populated by parrotfish, clownfish and eels. The other area is to the right of a beach restaurant. It is accessible only at high tides as the coral is close to the surface. 

Beach Hopping And Promthep Cape  

With over 30 beaches scattered all over Phuket’s magnificent coast, you don’t have to worry about being stuck at a place you don’t like! 

Head to any of these beaches:

1. Freedom Beach

This beach offers enchanting shores dotted with quiet beaches, flawless sand and utter relaxation.

One of the cleanest beaches in Phuket, this hidden gem is why you came to Thailand in the first place —to ace the scenic, virtually untouched beauty!  

2. Kata (including Kata Noi & Kata Yai Beach) 

A family favourite, Kata beach is as calm as it is beautiful. 

Kata is divided into two parts: Kata Noi (the smaller, less populated of the two in the north) and Kata Yai (the larger section at the south end). 

Both parts are spectacular and offer picturesque views of the small island, Koh Pu, especially during sunset.

3. Karon Beach

thailand itinerary 8 days

Karon Beach in Phuket is one of the longest and loveliest beaches. 

It spans around 5 km and boasts soft golden sand overlooking the Andaman Sea. 

Karon is the third-longest and most popular beach.

4. Banana Beach

This hidden gem is not to be missed. Not known by many, Banana Beach is situated on Coral Island (also known as Koh Hey).

Accessible by longtail boat or car, it’s one of the best day trips from Phuket.

5. Rawai Beach

Rawai is somewhat close to Phuket Town, so it’s often the beach of choice for family outings. You’ll see many locals on this beach, especially on Sundays. 

Rawai beach is known for excellent local seafood restaurants with a scenic backdrop. 

Sunset viewpoint at Promthep Cape

thailand offbeat

Not far from Nai Harn beach and on the way to Rawai beach is Promthep Cape. 

Promthep Cape is the island’s most irresistible location. 

Also known as God’s Cape or Laem Phra Chao, it is on the southernmost point of Phuket with breathtaking panoramic sunset views that you’ll cherish for a long time! 

This place has lots of parking spaces.

You can walk down a dirt path to the cape’s end or enjoy the views from the road. 

You’ll find a couple of shops up there. Coconut ice cream is a must-try at Promthep Cape. 

I suggest you arrive one hour before the dawn.

Day 4 – Go Island Hopping

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to island hopping in Phuket. 

You can visit any of the following islands from Phuket:

Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi - Thailand island hopping

Koh Phi Phi is one of the most sought-after islands. This island became a hit after the Leonardo DiCaprio movie “The Beach”

Koh Phi Phi is a cluster of six islands, and most day trips focus on the two biggest islands, Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Lee. 

All guided tours from Phuket visit both islands, stopping along the way for snorkelling locations. The most popular stops are monkey beach, Viking cave, and lunch on Bamboo Island. 

Phang Nga Bay & James Bond Island 

James Bond Island is a famous tourist place in Phang Nga Bay.

Phang Nga Bay has around 100 islands, but the main highlight is James Bond Island, with its signature rocky pinnacle.

 It’s a protected marine area of the Ao Phang Nga Marine National Park. Therefore, boats aren’t allowed to get too close to the island. You can admire James Bond Island from a boat or a small beach on Koh Ping Ghan.

Ko Hong 

Ko Hong Island, a cluster of four islands, is known for its majestic limestone formations surrounding the white sandy beaches and the emerald green waters. 

The island offers seclusion from the chaos and noise of the world.

The island can be reached by a long tail boat (45 minutes) or a speedboat (20 minutes).

Coconut Island 

This small tropical island is a rather remote beachfront covered in thick mangroves, a famous stop during Phuket island hopping. 

The island is home to longtail macaques and varieties of fish.

The island can be reached by ferry (45-minutes). You can opt for a bus (30-minutes).

Where To Stay In Phuket?

thailand itinerary

Depending upon what kind of traveller you are, you can choose the area. For example, if you are on a backpacking trip, there are a lot of hostels. 

If you are here to party it up, then I recommend staying at Patong beach road. There are multiple bars here, and the beach is just a few steps away. But, if you hate crowds, please avoid the Patong beach area. 

If you wish to stay away from the crowds, stay at Karon, Rawaii or Nai Yang for relaxed vibes with an “option to go” to the party areas. 

These are a few recommendations:

On a budget 

Vitamin Sea Hostel: For more details, check Trip Advisor.  

Lub d Phuket – Patong:  Reserve on Hostelworld

Blue Monkey Hub and Hotel Phuket – SHA extra: Check prices on

Mid-Range Budget 

The Westin Siray Bay Resort & Spa, Phuket: Check more details on the website

Memory Hotel: Check prices on  

Sugar Marina Resort – Kata Beach: Check details on the website 

Mandrava Resort and Spa, Karon Beach – SHA: Check the price on 


Twinspalms Phuket: Check prices here 

The Westin Siray: Know more about this property and check prices here 

Keemala: Guests staying at this unique resort step into a fantasy world where luxurious tree house pods provide the perfect accommodation. Check more details on the website here.

Six Senses Yao Noi: If you wish to pamper yourself and relax, you will love this luxurious resort. This property is located on the edge of Koh Yao Noi. Check availability and prices here.

Krabi – Day 5 To 7 

Itinerary for Thailand

Krabi is a lovely spot on your Thailand itinerary.

There are actually a few diverse things you can do in Krabi! 

Krabi is not only famous for its scenic views but also for its rock climbing. If adventure is your thing, Krabi won’t disappoint you.  

Even if adventure is not your mind, I recommend visiting Railay Beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in South Thailand.

How to get to Krabi?

The most ideal way of getting to Krabi from Phuket is by road. The approximate distance is about 165 km.

Boarding a bus is the most inexpensive option, which takes about 2.5 to 3 hours. Private cabs can also be availed for a more comfortable and pleasant journey within a decent time frame of 2hrs – 3hrs.

Some ferries ply from Phuket to Krabi, which takes about 6-8 hours. Speed boats are available as well but are very expensive. 

There are no direct flights from Phuket to Krabi.

What to do in Krabi for 3 days?

Day 5 – Beach Hopping  

Ao Nang Beach

The first beach you should hit is Ao Nang. 

Fine sand, clear waters, idyllic views, and a cluster of bustling bars and restaurants make Ao Nang a popular spot.

Railay Beach

Itinerary thailand

Is there a thing called too much of a beach in Thailand? Make sure you visit Railay beach! 

Only accessible by boat, this beach is a cut-off from the world! 

Situated around 11 km from Krabi town, Railay beach’s limestone cliffs and jungle are perfect places to embrace a unique experience. 

Although Railay is not an island, it certainly does feel like one! 

Railay beach will make you forget your worries and rejuvenate. You’ll fall in love with the white sand, clear blue sea and tranquillity. 

So, if you are looking for a paradise-like beach with chill vibes, this is the place for you.

Day 6 – Trip to Koh Lanta Or Four Island Tour 

itinerary for thailand

Koh Lanta is that it is one of the less explored islands in Thailand, which makes it a bit complicated to get to the island. 

The beauty of this island makes it worth the hustle to get there. There are nine beautiful sandy beaches that have perfect views of rugged islands popping from the Andaman Sea. It is ideal for couples, families as well as backpackers.

Take the speed boat if you are not on a tight budget. The advantage is that they are faster and make more daily trips. The speed boat will take about 1 hour and 35 minutes, and the ferry will take about 3 hours with a stopover at Koh Phi Phi Don. 

Alternatively, you can also opt for Four Island Tour. The speedboat will take you to some of Krabi’s most iconic landmarks. Visit Koh Gai, aka the Chicken Island, cave beach, Aonang beach and likewise.

You get to snorkel in the crystal clear turquoise waters! 

Day 7 – Caves, Emerald Pool & Hot Springs

Tiger Cave Temple

After a full day of relaxing at the beaches, consider adding the trek to Tiger Cave Temple.

The temple offers a magnificent view sitting upon the ragged limestone hill. Tiger cave temple is found in Northeast Krabi with a 1,237 stair climb to the summit. 

If you don’t enjoy hiking or have a problem with climbing stairs, you should skip this.

Emerald Pool

Thailand itinerary 8 days

Over the years, Emerald Pool has become one of the must-visits in Krabi as it’s wonderful.

In the middle of a mystical jungle, you’ll discover two crystal-clear lakes, the picturesque Emerald Pool and the Blue Pool.

The Emerald Pool Krabi is located in the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. Although the Emerald Pool is not very close to Krabi town or Ao Nang, it is worth the day trip of about 65 km one way. 

Two paths lead from the entrance to the beautiful Crystal Pool Krabi. One of the very well-marked paths leads through the forest.

You will walk past crystal-clear streams, small yellow ponds and a huge variety of tropical plants and trees. The forest path eventually leads to Emerald Pool. 

Once you’ve arrived at the Krabi Emerald Pool, you can take a dip to cool off the hike and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings, including the stunning Blue Lagoon.

The entrance fee for Emerald Pool Krabi is 200 Thai Baht. The parking fee is 20 Baht for a motorbike and 30 Baht for a car.

You can combine a visit to the Emerald pool with the Krabi hot springs! 

Dip into Hot Spring 

Khlong Thom Hot Springs is located near Emerald Pool.

If you’ve planned to visit the Emerald Pool Krabi, you cannot miss adding the Krabi Hot Springs.

Now, Khlong Thom hot spring is very small and cannot accommodate a large number of visitors. Therefore, the authorities have built an artificial pool near the hot spring.

The entrance fee to Khlong Thom Hot Springs is 160 Baht (USD 5 / INR 355).

Where to Stay in Krabi

The best place to stay in Krabi is actually Ao Nang! 

These are some of the options in Krabi:

Krabi Forest Homestay: Check prices on

Pop-In Hostel: This is perfect for you if you’re travelling on a shoestring. Check out this place.

Aonang Buri: This hotel is an exceptional choice for travellers looking for easy access to the beach. Check availability and prices on the website.

Golden Beach Resort: Spend your time relaxing at the indoor and outdoor pools, or hit the beautiful beach. Check prices on

Centara Ao Nang Beach Resort: This is an ideal spot to discover Ao Nang and the rest of Krabi Province. The private beach is by far the resort’s best attribute! Check availability and prices here.

Day 8 – Fly back home either from Phuket or Krabi 

Fly back home with lots of memories!  

Alternative Itinerary (with Bangkok) 

If you choose to travel via Bangkok, you’ll land at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK).

Bangkok is known for its popular cultural sites, vibrant nightlife, cheap shopping, buzzing markets and much more. 

The city’s streets are always buzzing with life. Some popular sites include Grand Palace, Ayutthaya excursion, Chatuchak market, and beautiful rooftop bars. 

This detailed Bangkok itinerary will allow you to explore the mix of everything. 

Best Time to Visit Thailand

Though one can visit Thailand throughout the year, generally, the best time to travel to Thailand is from November to February due to its pleasant weather. 

Different islands have different weather throughout the year. Depending on the coast, only two seasons exist: wet or dry. 

You will want to visit the islands in the Gulf of Thailand (Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui) in the dry season, January-August, and the islands on the Andaman Coast (Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi) in their dry season, November to March.

Trip Budget 

Thailand is an excellent destination to visit for any budget. From budget to luxury accommodation, cheap excursions, and tuk-tuk rides to high-end shuttles and resorts, you can easily adjust your trip as per your budget.

Assuming you are not spending lavishly on your trip, you can do just fine with a USD 50 ( INR 4,000) as your daily budget in Thailand. This covers flights, decent dining, low-cost accommodation, and other essentials. 

If you are on a tight budget, give up on expensive excursions, mid-range restaurants etc., and you should be able to manage with 30 USD (INR 2300) per day.

That’s a wrap! 

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