Are you a fan of picture-perfect town? Visit Hallstatt! Read this blog to know all about Hallstatt in WintersTop things to do and see in Hallstatt.

Hallstatt in Winters – Top Things to do and see

Hallstatt is a charming lake side village in the Alps. This is a small village with a great history. The village is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are people who are always too keen to go for winter holidays! Ask anyone who has been to Hallstatt in winter and has not enjoyed it. I bet you will find none ;). This guide will help you to identify the top things to do and see in Hallstatt, during winters.

1. Enjoy the scenic beauty and relax at cafes

Hallstatt has scenery that needs to be soaked in. Walk around the  scenic village and it will leave you in awe of this town. Just sit back and relax at any Café/restaurant and spend your day relaxing.

Street in Hallstatt

Hallstatt Street.

Cafe in Hallstatt

On a Sunny day

2. Skiing

Winter sport is a very big thing in Europe! Skiing in snow capped mountains will make you ascend to bliss. Read more info.

Skiiing in Hallstatt

3. Skywalk viewing platform

The Skywalk is located in Upper Austrian Ski Resort of Dachstein Mountain at an altitude of 2700 meters. Read more info


4. Stroll at Market square

The Market Square is located at the City Centre of Hallstatt. You will find lots of restaurants, cafes, hotels, souvenir shops. If you are around during Christmas, you will see an amazing Christmas market.

Market square

5. Church of Christ

Church – Hallstatt

6. Kalvareinberg Church.

Built in 1711, this Church was donated to the town by a childless married couple. This church is located on Kalvareinberg, a nearby mountain with spectacular views of Hallstatt.

Kalvarienbergkirche. Photo credit –

If you have time, visit Gosausee mountain lake, nestled between dachstein Glacier and Gousaukamm mountains. It’s a different world, especially in winters.

Gosausee mountain lake- Photo Credit – Freeimages

7. The Charnel House 

The Charnel House, also known as Bone house in St. Michael’s Chapel, is a popular tourist destination. The chapel dates back to 12th century. The chapel has a collection of around 1200 skulls and about 600 skulls are artistically painted and inscribed with the death date. When an existing grave was re-used for a new burial, the skulls were transferred from grave to Charnel House as part of second funeral. The opening Hours in Winter – November to April; 11:30 to 15:30 hours.

Photo credit-

How to reach Hallstatt

By Train:

Getting to Hallstatt by train is easy. Hallstatt has train station so its possible to reach by train. However, the train station is located at the other side of the lake, so you will have to take small ferry to reach this village. The frequency of ferry is reasonably good and is mostly every hour.

There are no direct trains from Salzburg or Vienna and you will have switch trains at relevant stations.

Duration: From Salzburg, it will take about 2 to 3 Hours & 4 Hours from Vienna.

Route: Salzburg – Attnang Pucheim – Hallstatt station – Ferry  Or

Route: Vienna Main Train Station/Vienna West Train Station – Attnang Pucheim – Hallstatt station – Ferry

Arrive at the Salzburg train station (Hopfbahnhof) or Vienna, as the case may be, and get off at Attnang-Pucheim. Switch train from this station and buy a ticket for Hallstatt Bahnhst. Take a ferry to reach the village. For Austrian National OEBB (Train) Schedule, click here.

By Car

Renting a Car gives you the freedom to travel around at your own pace. Driving in winter is not as scary as it sounds. All good companies provide Cars with winter equipped equipments like winter tyres, snow chains etc.

Driving time from Salzburg: 1 hour.

Duration time from Vienna: 3 to 4 Hours depending upon the route taken.

By Bus

Route: Salzburg – Bad Ischi (Bus #150)- Hallstatt station (Bus #542) – Ferry. Journey takes about 3 Hours.

Route: Vienna – Cesky Krumlov – Hallstatt station – Ferry. Shuttle Bus journey takes about 7 hours.


1. There are tons of activities which you can undertake during winter. In addition to skiing, experience snow shoeing , igloo building, horse carriage ride and likewise. There are lot of hiking options so check for the options before you reach this town.

2. Deals deals and good deals! One can stay close to the city Centre during winter as they aren’t very expensive. Basically, you get to stay close to Centre without burning hole in your pocket. It’s a win-win situation.

3. All indoor sightseeing activities are open during winter. One can thoroughly enjoy all indoor sightseeing. Austria has some of the most stunning Museums and Palaces.

4. Weather isn’t that bad during winter that one cannot step out at all! Wearing right clothing is all you got to do. All you need is a full body thermal set, rainproof jacket, hat, windproof gloves, warm boots, and believe me you are good to go!

5. It is worth staying in Hallstatt for a night. However, if you are tight both, on budget and time, then a day visit is a good choice. I found accommodation in Hallstatt, a little on the higher side.

Hallstatt is unbelievably spectacular and is a must visit place! 🙂