Are you an adventure junkie? When it comes to adventure sports, Bunjee jumping gets full marks for being ultra-popular. These 12 highest bungee jumping locations will set your pulse racing.

My First Bungee Jump

Before I did my first skydive, I remember reading about the best skydiving locations around the world. It was exhilarating.

After my first skydive, I thought nothing could be more adventurous than this; however, then, I bungee jumped from Bloukran’s bridge South Africa. I booked myself for a bungee jump with Face Adrenaline, and I must say that this was the most terrifying experience I have ever had. Having said that, let me tell you that I haven’t met anyone who has bungee jumped and not loved it!

Top 12 Bungee Jumping Locations In The World

So, do you fancy a rush that you will never forget? Here’s a list of some of the highest bungee jumping locations in the world.

As they say – Go Big or Go home!

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado (USA)- 321 meters (1053 feet)

Introducing the highest bungee jumping location on earth! The jumpers take off from the highest bridge in world and free fall over 1053 feet.

royal bridge colorado bungee jumping locations

Image credit: Destination Tips

Macau Tower (China) – 233 meters (764 feet)

This is presently the highest bunjee jump open to public. The jumpers take off from the platform at the top of the AJ Hackett Macau Tower and free fall over 764 feet.

Macau Bunjee jumping locations

Contra dam – Ticino, (Switzerland) – 220 meters (721 feet)

Also known as Varzasca dam, this is one of the popular destinations in the world. The fact is, 1995 Bond movie (Golden Eye) sparked an interest of the dam. The jumpers take the plunge from the dam and free fall over 721 feet. The location also offers night jumps. Check about Golden Eye bungee jump here.

Image Credit: Extreme Adventure tourism

Bloukrans Bridge (South Africa) – 216 meters (709 feet)

This is the tallest commercial bridge in the world. The jumpers take the plunge from the bridge and free fall over 709 feet.

Bloukrans jumping locations


Rio Grande Bridge, Taos (New Mexico) – 206 meters (675 feet)

Jumping from this bridge towards beautiful Rio Grande river, will be your unforgettable experience. Moat importantly, this bridge is jumped only a once a year, mostly, in fall.

bunjee jumping locations

Image source: Flickr

EuropabrÜck Bridge, Innsbruck (Austria) – 192 meters (630 feet)

This bridge is known for its stunning views of forest, mountains in Europe. In addition, the jumpers take off the plunge from the bridge and free fall more than 630 feet. 

Niouc Bridge (Switzerland) – 190 meters (623 feet)

This is the highest suspended bridge in Europe offering stunning views. This is a swaying bridge which means that jumpers will swing in different directions. The jumpers take the plunge from the bridge and free fall over 623 feet. Check their website for details.

Kolnbrein Dam, Carinthia (Austria) – 169 Meters (554 Feet)  

Experience the thrill at Austria’s tallest dam, constructed in 1970’s. This dam has been used for Bungee jumps since 2010 and the jumpers take the plunge at 554 feet.

bunjee jumping locations

Image Credit – Adrenaline-Hunter

The Last Resort Bridge, Kodari (Nepal) – 160 Meters (525 feet)   

A bungee jump from Nepal’s suspension bridge towards Bothe-Kosi river will give you some spectacular (upside down) views! The jumpers take the plunge at 525 feet. Check the details here.

nepal bunjee jumping location

Image Credit:  Gorkha adventure

Perrine Bridge, Idaho (USA) – 151.5 Meters (497 feet)

This jumping bridge is amongst those those several bridges that allow jumps only at specific periods. This bridge carry Highway 93 over the Snake River Canyon. Some amazing night jumps take place at Perrine Bridge.

bunjee jumping

Image Credit- Wikipedia

Kaivopuisto, Helsinki (Finland) – 150 Meters (492 feet)  

Bungee jumping in Finland, happens every year from Mid July to Mid August only. It has become a traditional event for Finland! Interestingly, jumpers free fall and land on floating platforms in the sea. Sky Breakers being the best, offers tailored bungees like pub-bungees, snowboard bungees, hot air balloon jumps and skywalk.

Finland Bunjee jumping location

Nevis Highwire, Queenstown (New Zealand) – 134 Meters (440 feet) 

Calm your nerves and hop on to cable shuttle suspended 134 meters (highest in New Zealand) above Nevis River and free fall for 8.5 seconds in a blitz of pure adrenaline. Jump off at Nevis Bunjy and have the best dive ever!


It is very difficult to articulate in words, and maybe there aren’t enough adjectives to describe the joy, fear and confidence you will feel after jumping off. So, are you ready to jump? Remember to smile for the camera! 

Do you think we have missed any popular highest bungee jumping locations? Let us know and we will be happy to add it!  

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