Switzerland is one of the most scenic places on the earth. Are you planning to visit the Three White Mountain Peaks? Read this blog for a perfect itinerary of Three White Peaks of Switzerland!

Three Mountain Peaks of Switzerland – Itinerary

Switzerland is native to picturesque landscapes, lushgreen fields, small towns, mountains and lakes! What would Switzerland without its three white mountains? This blog focuses on Three White Mountain Peaks of Switzerland by Euro rail. Let us get started! 🙂

Destinations Covered

1. Lucerne
2. Interlaken


1. Mount Titlis

2. Mount Pilatus

3. Jungfrau

Day 1 – Arrive Zurich and Explore Lucerne

Collect your euro rail passes and board your Swiss rail to Lucerne! This is the most popular Swiss rail route. The travel time is around 50 minutes.

Lucerne is a city in central Switzerland located on shores of lake Lucerne. It is a great walking city! Visit the chapel bridge, Lion Monument, Old city squares or a take boat trip to Lucerne. Overnight in Lucerne.




Day 2 – Mount Titlis

Leave early morning for your full day excursion.

Mount Titlis is located at an altitude of 10,600 feet in Uri Alps. Reach the cable car station. Overnight in Lucerne.

How to reach Mt Titlis


  • The journey will start with Swiss rail, which will be for about 45-50 minutes, from Lucerne to Engelburg.
  • A short bus ride from Engelburg station will get you to Titlis cable ride station.
  • You will have to use 3 gondolas to reach at top.
  1. Engelburg to Trübsee
  2. Trübsee to Stand
  3. Stand to Titlis

From the station ‘Stand’, you will be transferred to “Rotair gandola”. The Titlis Rotair travels to the top of Mount Titlis. This cable car rotates 360 degree to give panoramic view of snow capped mountains.


switzerland itinerary three peaks

Gandola Ride

Day -3 Mount Pilatus- The Dragon Mountain 

Mount Pilatus is a mountain overlooking Lucerne in central Switzerland. On a clear day it offers view of 73 peaks! Mount Pilatus gives marvellous views of city of Lucerne, Lake Lucerne and Swiss Alps. Overnight in Lucerne.

switzerland itinerary - three peaks

Mount Pilatis – Observation desk

How To Reach Mt Pilatus 

There are 2 ways of going to Mount pilatus. One is by Cogwheel train from Alpnachstad station and other one is a cable car from Kreins. You will have 2 options to choose from “Golden round trip” and “Silver round trip”.

In Golden round trip, you will have to take the boat from Alpnachstad station. Change to the Cogwheel train to Pilatis. On return, take the cable car down to Frakmuntegg and change to the gondola to Kreins. Thereafter, from Kriens, hop into a bus line 1 to Lucerne rail station which is about 15 minutes away. Lucerne is main starting railway station point.

Silver Round trip is similar to Golden round trip except that you reach Alpnachstad station in a train and not by the boat.

Day 4 – Lucerne to Interlaken

Leave early morning from Lucerne and proceed to Interlaken by Golden Pass panoramic train. There are around 10 trains that leave everyday from interlakenhoheweg Ost and duration of the journey is 1 Hour 51 min. Click  here to check the Euro train details.

Enjoy your day in Interlaken. Visit Overnight at Interlaken.

Day 5 – Jungfrau – Top of Europe

This will be an unforgettable trip to an alpine at an height of 3454 meters above sea level. This is Europe’s highest train station. The route covers initially open terrain and thereafter through tunnel in the Alpine rock. If possible, make the trek on a sunny day for a mind blogging view. Leave early morning from your hotel.


How to reach Jungfrauoch

Mostly, people start their trip from Interlaken to travel to Jungfrau. However, there are other various trains departing from other stations.

All trains to the Jungfraujoch depart from Kleine Scheidegg. There are two routes to reach from Interlaken to Kleine Scheidegg, one is via Lauterbrunnen and other is via Grindelwald.

Jungfrau region

Train Information for Jungfrau

Rail journey starts from Interlaken OST station on Berner Oberland Bahn (BOB) trains. This railway station is an end terminus for 4 different railway companies.

Enter your correct carriage and get in right part of the train in Interlaken. In Interlaken your train to Grindelwald is located on the 2B side of the platform.  The Train splits in half on reaching Zweiltuschingen. The front will continue towards Lauterbrunnen and little later, back to Grindelwald.

Day 6- Transfer to Zurich

Relish “peak memories” and proceed to Zurich by train. Duration ranges between 2 Hours 20 min to 3 Hours, depending upon the train taken.

That’s a wrap! 🙂

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