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Andaman Island is rapidly becoming one of most popular destinations for tourists. The island with its breathtaking coastlines, lush forested interior, turquoise water and a far-flung location, is a perfect go-to destination.

Top 12 Things To Do In Andaman

Are you a beach baby? If yes, you will fall in love with Andaman. Here are the top 12 things that you must do in Andaman.

1. Scuba Diving

This is the most favored activity in Andamans. Explore the underwater marine life. Check – Barefoot Scuba, Dive India Scuba, Andaman Bubbles and India Scuba Explorers.

alawyersvoyage Scuba Havelock

Scuba Diving

Location: Various locations but best enjoyed at Havelock Island.

Cost– Depending upon the location, diving centre and package, it will range from INR 3000 -5000 per person.

2. Snorkeling

 People from all around the world come here to enjoy snorkeling. Snorkel with colorful fishes and discover the coral reefs underneath. 

lawyersvoyage Snorkling Andaman

Snorkeling; Image Source – Travel Triangle

Location– Best enjoyed at North Bay Island, Jolly Bouy Island and Elephant Beach.

Cost – INR 750-1500 per person.

3. Sea Walking

This is the most sought activity in Andaman. You will be taken in a boat to the site and will be accompanied with an experienced guide. Even non-swimmers can do this activity.  

Location: Elephant beach, North Bay Island

Cost – INR 3500-4500 per person.

4. Glass Bottom Boat Ride

This is one of the best things to do in Andaman. This dolphin glass bottom boat ride will be definitely a ride of your lifetime. You will enjoy the best possible under water views without wetting your toes! The boat will also take you to the spots for dolphin watching. Check Experience Andaman and Andaman Dolphin.

alawyersvoyage Glass bottom boat

Glass Bottom Boat

Location – Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island

Cost – Depending upon the island and the services provider,  about INR 750-3500.

5.  Visit Barren Island Volcano

This island is uninhabited by people. Apparently, this is the only active volcano in South East Asia. Located about 140 km from Port Blair, this volcano had erupted again in January 2017. To get to this place, you will have to charter a private ferry/boat.  You will also need permit from the forest Department.

alawyersvoyage Barren island Volcano

Barren Island

Location-About 140 km from Port Blair.

6. Go Trekking

Vast green jungles, and natural beauty makes trekking in Andaman the most amazing non-water based activity. Check Andamans Guide

alawyersvoyage Trekking Andaman

Trekking. Image Source- Thrillophilia

Location-Major trekking routes are Mount Harriet, Chidia Tapu, Bartang Island, Havelock to Elephant beach.

7. Parasailing

This sport is a wonderful blend of water and air experience. Try it out. Check Andaman Experience.

alawyersvoyage parasailing


Location– Rajiv Gandhi Water Complex, Carbyns cove Beach.

Cost – Depending upon season, time and the island, about  INR 3000.

8. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

This park is home to coral reefs, angelfish, Giant Robber, Lion-fish, reptiles, mammals and such other species. You can also go snorkeling between Jolly Buoy and Red Skin. Check Andaman Beacon

alawyersvoyage marine park Andaman

Marine Park

Location– Near Wandoor, about 30km from Port Blair.

Entry Fee – INR 50.

9. Witnessing Bioluminescence at Havelock

Imagine how beautiful it is to witness tiny illuminated stars floating under your feet. Total Bliss! Please note that this sight can be seen only on no moon nights. Experts, in Havelock, organize special Kayak tours.

alawyersvoyage bioluminescence-havelock Andaman

bioluminescence Havelock; Image Source Travel Triangle

10. Swimming with Elephants

The trip to Andaman isn’t complete until you watch or swim with Elephants. Enjoy your swim with the company of 50+ friendly elephants.

alawyersvoyage Elephant Swim

Image Source- East Coast Daily

11. Travel in Sea Plane

Enjoy aerial view of the Island and lush green landscape in a magical way! Check Havelock Beach , Andaman BeaconExperience Andaman.  

alawyersvoyage sea plane

Sea Plane

Cost – About INR 4500-5000.

12. Go Island Hopping

Andaman is a great place for island hopping. Hop from one exotic island to another and go back with amazing stories! Take ferries from one island to another and enjoy sunrise/sunset.

alawyersvoyage island

Location: Some of the best options are Havelock, Port Blair, Hut Bay, Baratang, Long island and Ross island.

So what are you waiting for? Book a trip to Andaman. However, before you book your tickets, read “Andaman Itinerary – 6 days “.

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